trying to get started need help with spraying....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jbo90423, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I know there are a lot of educated people on this forum and I truly enjoy the feedback... but i am just thinking about adding spraying to my small lawn service business... anyway I have NO CLUE on where to start. I don't know about sprayers, what kind of chemicals, how much, what to charge, ANYTHING!! Can anyone give advice on where to start to do some research to get started??? Thanks so much...
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    Start by visiting your county extention agent. Get to know him/her and voice your desires. There's a lot to be known especially if you've never been exposed to agriculture by way of government regulation, rules, and procedures. Your agent should advise you of a license, but those few books are only the tip of the iceberg as what you REALLY need to know. I'm down in East TN. and the climate and season are about the same. Anyway, do your homework and go.
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    Get your license. Then you almost need a degree in lawn spraying to do a creditable job. Fortunately, its easy and quick--Just read about 100 back pages of this forum and just talk to about five different chemical dealers. Ask them for a price quotation and a chemical program that they would set up for you. Do it now, before they are busy. Ask questions until you understand the facts, the sales pitch, and the difference. They will ask you for credit references and want a credit application--have your information available. Click some of our sponsors above to see info on products and equip.
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    You're in London, Ky?
    You could contact Gina at the Lesco store in Lexington to see if she's offering any in-store Kentucky Pesticide training and / or testing this winter.
    Doing that, and just hanging out and talking to some people at the store who've been in the biz would be REAL important insight for you going in.

    If they're not doing it there, she can tell you other places it will be held.
    Just go to their website
    Tell her Mark in Cincy said hi!

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