trying to get those damn weeds under control


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I just got a new account for mowing and its got more weeds than grass or i just cant see the grass. I cut the lawn today and the people what to kill alot of the weeds but they also want the grass fertilized so it will green up. Im not sure what to put down because the weeds are already growing pretty fast. I would rather put down a granular product but if i need to spray i will. If you have any comments please let me know thanks. <br>Dingo


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How much of the lawn is weeds?<p>This is very important in deciding what to do. If the lawn is over 50% weed, then you may want to talk to them about total rennovation. Also, what type of weeds?<p>If you spray a product like trimec, and the lawn is all weeds, the whole thing is gonna die, and that will make them very unhappy. If you fertilize, all you will be doing is fertilizing the weeds and helping them grow faster, thats if it is as bad as you say.<p>I would have to hear more about it, but it sounds like you need to do more than just spray or fetilize. At minimim, you might be able to spray, and then use a overseeder to re-establish.


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i have had alot of experience with these type of lawns...over the years ive turned them into beutiful lawns. this is what you do.... spray a liquid selective herbicide over the entire lawn with a back pack sprayer (i use trimec, works very good). most of weeds with die but through out the rest of the year respray the entire lawn another 2-3 or even 4 times (how ever many it takes to completly get rid of weeds). also throughout the year do a regular fertilizing program. this way you will kill all weeds and strenthen the existing grass by fall. when fall rolls around aerate the lawn (go over twice in diffrent directions)and seed as heavy as you can because the more seed the better, then put down a quality starter fertilizer and by spring the lawn will be beutiful. make sure the following year the costomer lets you continue with a total weed and fert program to keep it nice and also insist on aerating again every fall and seeding to keep the lawn thick and lush. youll have to explain to the costomer that they can not expect to have a nice lawn till next year and explain the process. theyll be very happy come next spring. ive down this to quite a lot lawn with incredible results. this year i recieved about 5 new lawns with more weeds then grass and thats what im doing with all of them. they were dissapoited there lawn wont look like there neighbors lawn ammediatly wich they no i do but no its worth the wait. just today one of those new costomers said..&quot;do what you need to, to make my lawn look like that lawn you do over there.


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i agree with Evan528 on all but the 'more the better' on the overseeding. to obtain a healthy stand of turf it is better to apply at the recommended rate. Ever seen a bed that had too many plants in it and not enough room for maximum growth? same thing

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