trying to grow my business should i go towards landscaping or lawn care

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeff_0, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. jeff_0

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    OK. right now i'm doing my business on the side from a full time job. i'm working about 25 hrs a week cutting grass.. I'm doing this by myself and i'm bringing in about $1100 week. Next year i want to hopefully go full time. i wanted to get more involved in either landscaping or lawn care (like fertilizing) i do have my pesticide license. i wanted to find out what direction has more growth and money making oppertunities. I'm also considering joining either alca or plcaa depending on what directions i go. i guess alca is more towards landscaping and plcaa is more to do with turf. looking for some suggestions on what direction to go.
  2. jaredslawncare

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    Landscaping has a huge market of big money making oppurtunitys, but I like cutting lawns and maintaining them more than doing landscaping
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    depends how hard you want to work.If you are going to continue on your own for a while landscaping is a whole lot more hard work than lawn care just ask my back and it will tell you!
  4. NNJLandman

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    Why not both. Have like 2 crews for lawn service depending on the amount of accounts and then have a crew for landscaping. Take your best employee and make him a foreman and have him help you manage the lawn crews or landscape crews.
  5. jeff_0

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    from md
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    no i don't entend just working myself.. i'm trying to get to the point where i can expland things.. just trying to find what way to go first.. one day i do want to be in both fields generating a lot of income.. but i'm trying to take small steps at a time so i don't make that many mistakes.
  6. MacLawnCo

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    Jeff, since you are already in the lawn care, why not expand in that since you already have the knowledge, reputation(hopefully), and equipment. Once you get a large base of lawn care clients, then you can take yourself to the landscaping side by soliciting work from your existing clients.

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