Trying to guess how many man hours to spread pea gravel.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Wil22, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Wil22

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    I have a customer that want about 1000 sf in the back of his house covered with pea gravel. I estimate 9 tons of pea gravel. The back yard is fenced in with a single gate about 36 inches. and the only way I can think to get it back there would be to use a wheel barrow.
    It will be two of us. How many man hours should I estimate. Is there another way to get it in the back yard?

  2. carcrz

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    probably 2 yards an hour if shoveling into a wheel barrow & spreading. Have fun. It's WORK!!!
  3. Precision

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    The nearest I have done to that is spread 22 yards of lime rock for a drive way.

    The truck dumped half where I wanted it, but we had to hand haul about 11 yards. around 9 tons. Myself and a helper got it moved in 2.5 hours using coal shovels (flat type) and 9 cu ft wheel barrows.

    We had no choice as the delivery was 3 hours late and it was gonna be dark.
  4. Az Gardener

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    Two tons per hour moved and spread if you have good labor. Good luck.
  5. Allure

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    what kind of fence? If possible, i would ask to remove a section of fence so that you have easier access. They will save a lot on the labor for spreading the pea gravel if you can use something larger than a wheel barrow. That should more than offset the cost of removing a section of fence if the fence is in sections (ie. wood, vinyl)
  6. cutbetterthanyou

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    if you have a tractor or skid steer and can get around the fence maybe scoop it up and dump it over . this may not total count out all off the hand work but it may help some
  7. Wil22

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    Last week I took a section out of the fence, to get my riding mower in
    back to mulch some leaves. But when we tried to stretch it back, it was a living nightmare. I should have ran over to home depot and rented the stretcher.
  8. jeffscap

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  9. LB1234

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    Some mini skids will handle 36" gates fairly easily. If I recall the dingo tx 420 is something like 34.5 inches. You should be able to get through a 36 inch gate. I would measure though. You'll have to get the narrow buckets rented with it as well.

    It will work we've done it before. Depending on how close the gravel is to the dumping location it should go rather quickly. One person loading the machine dumping and the second just spreading out what was dumped.

    9 tons is like 5 cuyds. I know in a wide open area with the light materials bucket we can get a yard into four buckets. Narrow bucket is smaller so say six passes or a total of about 30-35 trips. I'd say between 3-4 hours.
  10. tjsquickcuts

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    Pea Gravel is a easy spread....I would guess about 3 to 4 hours, but that just dropping the rock....Including all the prep work, Looking @ a easy 6 hours just making sure everything is done right, and all the weed block is spread out evenly.....Just curious, how much was you Bid? What would you other guys charge for this same job....Just curious to see the difference in Price per Region.....

    Prep Work--I.E. trenching, weed block, etc....$375.00 guess estimate on Trenching

    Pea Gravel--9.5 Tons @ $150 Per ton = $1425---My cost $30 a Ton = $285


    Total = $1895.....

    Easy work, Great Profit for me....Would usually have two other guys with me, and the three of us would knock it out in about 4 hours......

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