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Trying to ID a mower.. Not sure if this is the right place to ask.

I know that this may not be the palce to ask such a question. But they are a lot of guys out their that may be able to help.

I will tell you what I can about it.

It is a walk behind.
Peerless tranny. Setup much like a Snapper except the shifter is located on the left side of the mower and sticks straight up rather than out.
Has a 42" deck
Kawasaki engine
It is Maroon (more of a purple) color.

The pulley cover is missing from the deck. All of the pulleys on the deck have markings that look a lot like the Briggs and Stratton trade mark outlined.

The orignal owner purchased the mower about five years ago in New York state somewhere while he was on vacation. He has since passed away. So no manuals can be had.

One other weird thing about the mower. They are no data plates/stickers or markings of any kind on the deck or main frame. Just the engine and tranny.

I was told that it may be a Ferris due to the color. I emailed a few photos to them and got the reply that they had never saw such a mower and where to look for model numbers and such. But they are none.

The mower was given to me by the owners brother last fall. It runs like a top and everything works great on it. But it does have a busted drive pulley (cast iron double, 2 5/8" with a 5/8" bore) and the bearing that supports the axle at the frame is bad. It has a lot of play in it . But has not completly blown. I can find tons of goKart bearings that are 1/2, 3/4 or 1" in size. But not a 5/8". I would rather stay away from shimming if possible.

I would love to find a bearing that will fit the mower and a pulley. If I cannot find a double 2 5/8-5/8" pulley. A hardware store here has a few cast iron 2 1/2" - 5/8" bores that I can use. I will just need to change both in order to keep the gear ratio the same for both wheels.

I would be happy to find out the make and model of the mower. So I can sleep at night. :eek:


LawnSite Bronze Member
I found a double pulley in the Rotary catalog that fits a Toro midsize commercial WB. Discription as follows. Id 5/8 , OD 2-3/4 , Height 1-11/16 , keyway 1/4. Cost $14.71 Part # 13-9805
Here is a couple of photos of the mower.
Sorry that they are clutered. I had a friend that stored a lot of his stuff in my garage last fall during the flooding. His house was so damaged that it was totaled and his stuff is still here and I would have to move everything to get it out for better shots.

The first photo shows the side that the pulley blew out on.

Consultant & everyone else

Thanks for the information.

I will order a Manual for the M3612.5 KAW model. The one I have has a 400 Kaw engine.

The contact page has the following.

Payments: Snapper Products, Inc.

Again thanks for the help.


LawnSite Member
Youngstown, Ohio
I have one of those machines(Not quite as old though) We only use it in emergencies. The Manual might not be much help. If I remember correctly when we got ours, It was only about 3 pages that were photocopied. Here is the number for a company here in town that deals with Giant-Vac. 1-800-POWER41
(Power Equipment Warehouse)