Trying to justify buying a flatbed dump... HELP!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by andersman02, Feb 15, 2012.

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    So I am graduating this year with a degree in horticulture- landscape design and am looking into equipment to get. Seems to be that one of the most helpful things people have used is a flatbed dump (something like a c60). Before you jump my bones about getting equipment right away please read on.....

    A little background...

    My father has been in the lawncare game for sometime now. His business has been family owned since 1978, originally starting as just mowing, then pesticide/herbicide applications and mowing to straight applications. I am follow in his footsteps sort to speak and 3 summers ago decided to get a mow crew going for the company. My father was reluctant at first but I eventually go him to cave. First spring we bought 2 gravely walk behinds, 48 and 52, trailer, weed whips, blower and a brand new f350 (not my idea, came back home one weekend and he had it sitting in the driveway). The first year everything but the truck was paid off, 2nd year truck was paid off, all from the mowing/cleanup revenue. He also started plowing again with his new truck

    Fast forward to now, I am graduating from college and am going to start really hitting the landscaping industry hard, trying to get enough business so next year I can higher 2 guys to run the mow crew.

    My question is..... the trucks we have now are that f350 and my f150 available for landscaping. I visited my friend in green bay last summer for a week and worked for his families landscaping business (Greenleaf Landscaping) and got to see how a REAL landscape company works (design and build).They 3 flatbed trucks (simular to c60s) used daily. Back to my original point, Ive done landscape jobs in the past with our 2 trucks and find it moderately unefficient (not being able to haul all the plants and mulch, soil, ect) in one trip. Ive been looking into equipment to get this first year and feel a used flatbed dump, bobcat and misc equipment (bed trencher, desodder ect) on the top of my list.

    I cannot justify spending 25k on a bobcat just yet even though wed be able to use it around the shop and for snow removal, and the other equip. is easy to rent. Now im looking closely at a 2 ton flatbed dump to get to increase efficiency and amount we can carry to the sight.

    How do you guys feel about this? Btw looking around im thinking about spending around 5k on one, many on craigslist and ebay around this price(used and older obviously).

    Btw our business is pretty large, over 2k account on applications alone with over 1mil revenue per year so there is some cash to get started...

    btw 2- I have bidded, managed and overseen installations already:drinkup:
  2. Bigred350

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    Sounds like you got it figured out. But if you only plan on spending 5K on a dump truck it may be a POS. Spend a little more money and get something reliable. If not then you may spend more on repairs for the truck that what you paid for it.
  3. White Gardens

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    Definitively spend a shade bit more. If your closer to the 10k range you got a truck with a little longevity left in it as long as it gets the TLC.

    I would cringe the day I got rid of my dump. It's a 16k truck, mason dump with drop-sides. With the 16k truck, I can pull my 10k equipment trailer and stay under CDL. To me this is key as not all your employees will have a CDL and it keeps me adaptable to employee changes.

    Another option would be to look at a dump trailer. Sounds like you already have the trucks to pull one.

  4. andersman02

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    ok just to justify my take on the "old truck" situation

    a friend of mine heard i was looking into this and told me about their 1973 C60 they had been thinking about gettin rid of.

    60k miles, 350 v8 recently put in (within 5 years ago), zero rust, flatbed 14' dump with removable wood sides. btw it is 20k gvw

    Knowing him and his family i know they kept the thing is great condition, servicing it often. they were thinking $2800 as they dont need it anymore.

    I have heard about going deisel but we were also looking to use this for snow removal and heard deisel may not be the best thing for winter months
  5. White Gardens

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    The C60 isn't a diesel is it?

    If it fits your needs then go for it.

  6. AGLA

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    A million in revenue and you are going to buy a $2,800 forty year old truck? Trade the three year old F-350 in ... does it have a pickup body? What is less practical than a F-350 with a pickup body? Put a dump body on that.
  7. DuallyVette

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    I guess the college you went to allowed pretend spelling. I'd wonder what else wasn't important.

    The F350 with a dump bed leaves very little payload.
  8. DuallyVette

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  10. andersman02

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    Alright first, the C60 is gas but some people ive talked to say go deisel for larger trucks
    Second, our company does pull in a good amount of revenue but this is a moderately new area of business for us so there is no reason to over spend right away- thats just good business practice. With that said i wouldnt mind spending a little more (near 10k) but if i caan get this for 2800 thats a damn good deal in my opinion
    Third- our 350 is used for pulling mowers so thats needsto be there for that

    Also this is the internet, im not to worried about grammer
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