Trying to justify buying a flatbed dump... HELP!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by andersman02, Feb 15, 2012.

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    For me I would not buy the C60 for a few reasons. #1 Older truck = problems with DOT inspections, #2 350 gas engine in a truck with a 20K gvw is going to be a dog !, #3 you mentioned snow plowing (is it 4wd) ? #4 350 gasser in that size truck is going to be working its ass off which equals bad fuel economy. I bought a used 2004 F-550 diesel, auto, 4 wheel drive, 19500K gvw. Truck will go anywhere. It's more than you are spending but well worth it. IMO
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    In my opinion I would go for the older truck. You may have to go through it a good bit to get it dot ready but the beauty of an older truck is that you can work on it. I have a 93 f600 that i got a couple of years ago for 3k I dont use it every day but when I do its nice to have. If you are looking for a truck to put a crew in or use everyday I would go newer but if its just to run some mulch or haul debris or what ever then go for it and at that price use it for a season and u dont like it Im sure you can get your money back out of it.
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    I read your post, but it about drove me nuts...pretty cool though what your minds eye can translate!

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