Trying to replace muffler bolts won't budge??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by troblandscape, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. troblandscape

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    Its a ariens snow blower from 1969,...I am replacing a muffler on the tecumpseh engine, the two phillips head bolts won't budge

    Sprayed wd-40 on them and then started it up., Did'nt work..
    Any Ideas or am i just screwed:angry:
  2. bob

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    Heat from a torch might help. Becareful the WD-40 doesn't burn the house down. Also a hand held impact driver worked for me once. You hit it with a hammer and the force turns the screw.
  3. SDlawndawg

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    For phillips head bolts, I have good luck using an impact-driver.
  4. troblandscape

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    Thanks I will try those out I will let you know tommorrow how it worked out
  5. Haley Lawn Care

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    It is possible that the bolts are sealed with loctite. That is a liquid for using on bolts to make sure they dont come loose. There are two types--one you can loosen with the right wrench and a hammer--the other is permanent and must be heated with a torch so it will break down so you can loosen the bolt. Sounds like you have the permanent on your bolts. I was a machinist for 15 years and we used a lot of this loctite so I'm not just guessing but have had to torch bolts before.

    Hope this helps

  6. 1grnlwn

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    WD-40 is not a good penetrating solvent. Get something that will penetrate, ask local garage what they use. I asked mine and he sold me a can. Must spray up by the head. Good luck.

  7. Mr.Wrench

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    I'm assuming that your Tecumseh is either 6 or 7hp from the vintage you described. If you want to get the bolts out without snapping them be sure to have patience and take your time. First if you can, cut the muffler away from around the bolts. A hack saw works well and quickly. Once you have the muffler removed use a wire brush and thorough clean around the area where the bolt or screw goes into the block. Get a good penetrating oil like "ZEP45" or "breakaway" also if you can find it "Kroil" works wonders. Let that sit for a couple of hours. 90% of the time the bolt or screw will rust away at the area that sits inside the muffler creating a thin spot in the bolt. If the bolt or screww looks intact ( I believe you said it had a phillips head) use a #3 phillips headed screwdriver, or if the head is stripped use an appropriate pair of vise grips. Use a torch on very low heat or a MAP gas torch to carefully heat the area where the bolts go into the block. Try not to heat the bolt itself. While heating try backing the bolt out slowly. If it doesn't come out easily let it heat up a little more. One thing I should mention, don't heat the area to much or for to long (i.e. full blast with the torch or for more than 10 minutes) excessive heat in one area can warp the block and exhaust port area. Also, for safety take the carburetor off and remove the gas tank and fuel line. Good Luck.
  8. troblandscape

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    I went and bought a can of zep45
    Sprayed the bolts down again
    started the engine and let it run for about 20 mins.
    used a no.3 phillips head and they came right out

    And to think,the guy who sold me the muffler and even looked at the machine told me that the old bolts I would be able to use again,...Yeah right

    I used lock tight on the new bolts
    The snowblower is a 1969 It looks brand new, I got it off a customer that I plow for, he gave it to me, It was always cleaned when it was done being used,and always garaged, runs great, I wouldn't trade this for a brand new one.

    Thanks alot for the good advice, You all saved me alot of headaches;)
  9. ducky1

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    Just a tip on Phillips screws. If the screwdriver want to slip in the screw just dip the driver in valve lapping compound and it will bite into the screw. Less slippage.

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