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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jannan, Jun 13, 2001.

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    Hi: I have a 1998 Turf Tracer HP (17 hp Kaw-hydro). The book says it should travel up to 2.5MPH in reverse. The one I have barely creeps in reverse. In fact it goes so slow that I am constantly trying to pull it backwards (to help it out). Is there an adjustment I can make, so it will go faster in reverse. Thanks!
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    Thanks for taking the time to write in with your question. I'm fairly sure that your TTHP is simply out of adjustment, and not allowing you to receive full reverse.
    A quick check for this is to put the rear of the machine on jackstands high enough to get the drive tires off of the ground. Now with the engine running at full throttle, and the drive selector in the 'mid-speed' position, squeeze the drive levers until you feel the reverse spring. If you reach the top of the latch slot, or if the wheels are still turning (probably forward) at this point, you know it is out of adjustment. If this does check out O.K., it may still be out of adjustment, just not as obvious.
    I would recommend going through the Hydro Drive Linkage Adjustment in your operators manual. It does a very good job at showing you how to properly set all the adjustments. If you don't have the manual, or need some assistance, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to send you a manual, and help you through it. Just drop an email to


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