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    I currently own a 2001 48 inch Viking Hydro with the 15 hp V-Twin. This upcoming season I am looking at getting either the 17hp TTHP or the 23hp TT with a 52 inch deck. I have a couple of concerns considering this purchase. I like the idea of the 23 hp engine because of the power it would give me in all mowing conditions, but I can't get it with a 48 inch deck, I have to go with the 52. Can I match my striping close enough with two different decks, or do I need to settle for the 17hp TTHP? Is exmark ever going to offer a larger hp engine with the 48 inch decks? I have been pondering this purchase for quite some time and would appreciate a well researched response. I would also like to know if the 15hp on my viking can be replaced with maybe a 21 or 23 hp engine? Thanks!
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    Thanks for the post. You are correct. 17 hp is the largest engine we put on a 48" deck.

    The full size TT with the 23 is a totally different beast. More power, more iron, deeper deck, electric start standard, bigger tires, bigger frame etc.

    Truthfully I don't think you'll notice the difference in the stripe width as much as you'll notice the difference in the cut quality depending upon cutting height and cutting conditions. It's just a lot easier to maintain the optimum deck rake with a floating deck when changing cutting heights. Maybe some of the Lawnsite members will have some input regarding the stripe and how much of an issue it is.

    We have never put a 23 on the Viking and probably would not recommend it. Keep in mind that the 23 is going to be an electric start and you've currently got a recoil start. If you want to jump up in horsepower you can do a couple of things. The 17 hp is a straight bolt on or simply purchase the carburetor for a 17-hp engine.

    Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.


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    Why don't you ( or any other manufacturer ) put anything larger than 17hp on a 48 " TTHP

    If you do 23 HP for 52" That over one Hprspower per added inch of width??

    As you may have noticed lately is MORE POWER is what most a are asking for.

    Please Exmark and all manufactueres , consider somthing around 20hp for the 48"
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    The 2002 TT Is a Lazer walk Behined. it Has a Lot Of The Lazers parts The deeper deck 200lb clutch And so On. the 23 Kohler With the bigger air filter Is great. You can run Double Blades all day long. I Have One i Know.
    Happy holidays
    Johnny G.

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