TTHP 48" compared to my Ferris 48"......

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by KathysLGC, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Last night i got a 2004 TTHP 48" from a lawn site member and today i was comparing it to my 1999 Ferris 48". Looking at the exmarks controls i can see Ferris did their homework early. The Ferris is pistol grip but has a nice feature to put it in neutral with a foot pedal while Exmark has neutral locks on the ECS. The exmark has better safety features tho. Took some getting used to but now like it. The Ferris is a heavy tank but gives a very solid feel and i like the feed back it gives. I can tell how the ground is before going into a ditch, etc. The Ferris is a fixed deck tho...

    The 14hp Kawi on the Ferris is loud but has good power and always starts with one pull. The V twin 17 on the Exmark is quiet, smooth and feels like a gentle beast!

    The hydros are where i feel Exmark has done an outstanding job in. The controls are so smooth it's fun to turn around. The Ferris is a bit harsh and choppy. You can easily rip the turf with the Ferris on a turn. I will be drilling holes in the Exmark tonight to fit my Velke and can't wait to get this thing at full speed.

    I haven't cut with it yet so i can't comment on the cut yet. I know it's going to be outstanding but I want to see it first hand.

    Just wanted to say how happy I am with the purchase so far. thanks Exmark.
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    It was great meeting you on Wednesday and thanks for driving the 2 hours to see and buy the mower!

    I 'm pleased you are happy with the mower so far. Please keep m posted on how you like the cut. Best of luck with it!

    (former owner of the Turf Tracer HP)
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    Generally the cut on the HP is pretty good as long as the PTO adjustment is in good shape. If you have any questions give me a call at 1-800-667-5296.


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    PLE i wasn't sure if you wanted your name mentioned so i didn't mention it but just so every one knows, This mower i got from him is in show room condtion. You couldn't even tell it was used unless you looked under the deck. LoL

    I cut today with out making any adjustments and with my lawn a bit wet, I was leaving divits on my turns. It was as if the Exmark was having trouble turning around or the tires had no grip. My Ferris if not careful would rip the lawn but that was from the harsh take off it has.
    I did notice the Exmark pulling a bit to the right but the tracking adjustment looks alot easier then on the Ferris. I didn't get a chance to check for tire pressure either. The tires look low to me.

    There is about a 200lbs difference between the two mowers and you can tell while mowing. The floating deck is a bit weird for me right now. Being so used to a fixed deck I felt all bumps and such but the floating deck seems to hide some of it. I installed my single wheel Velke to it and it just drive a lot smoother then my Ferris.

    The cut quality is everything i heard it would be. i had no straglers and discharge was great even with wet grass. The vacume is impressive too! Looking down it almost looked like the grass was being sucked in even before I got to it! Comparing both mowers quality of cut i can't see any differance.

    Blade engagement sounds a bit rough. My Ferris has an electric PTO and it's a nice, almost instant on but with the Exmark, it sounds harsh. I will be testing different RPMs this wekend to find a good starting point for blade engagement. Looking at the belts while engaged, It does look like the PTO needs to be adjusted.

    While not having much of anything bad to say about my Ferris I think the Exmark was a solid choice. I will be selling my Ferris mainly due to no dealer support and I have planed in the furture an Exmark ZTR...... :)

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