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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jason r., Nov 16, 2002.

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    Looking in the eXmark lit. I have I see that the TTHP's cutting height adjusts in only .5" increments, unlike my Lazer HP which has .25" increments. Are their some type of spacers that can be used to get the .25" increments on the TTHP? I would like to buy a TTHP soon if I can mow at 2.25". This is the hieght that most of my customers prefer. Thanks and I can't say enough good things about my Lazer Z HP!!!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post. For the most part a commercial cutter can spot a 1/4" difference in a lawn but it is unusual that a consumer or homeowner can.

    You can set the deck at 2.5 and add an extra 1/4" thick rear spacer to all four corners. That will put you at the 2 1/4" setting your looking for.

    If you want to maintain that perfect 2 1/4" height setting you'll need to check the actual deck height once per year to ensure your maintaining that cutting and compensate for things like tire wear, deck height pin wear etc.



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