TTHP W/ ECS vs. Super Surfer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AielLandscaping, Dec 7, 2001.

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    i've pretty much decided that i'm going to buy either a 36" Exmark Turf Tracer Hp with ECS and a Proslide, or a 36" Great Dane Super Surfer. Currently i maintain 70 accounts on a weekly basis, with any luck after the beginning of spring between my helper and i, i want to be mowing 120 - 160 accounts per week, almost all of these accounts have lawns that are 4000 sqft or less, lots of bermuda, and perrenial rye, and tall fescue. almost all accounts have obstacles, most of which are trees.. I want to stripe as well as i can, and i need something that can help take care of the leaves in the fall. where i'm at every house has atleast two full grown modesto ash trees which are currently making all my accounts take twice as long as they are supposed to.. i'd prefer to mulch since the baggers on both of these machines hangs off to the side, and with the obstacles that i have to go around all the time, i'm sure they'd just end up getting in the way.. i guess i'll start off listing what i think are the pros and cons from what i've learned about these two mowers so far

    Turf Tracer-

    Pros: mulchs well, stripes well with proslide, lots of attachments available (detatcher, rotary broom, and debris blower looked like things i might consider later on), also could swap the proslide for a self-steering sulky. dealer is only 4 miles away
    Cons: would have to continuously step on and off proslide for lots of small areas, less manuveralbe

    Super Surfer-
    Pros: more manuverable, takes up less trailer space, don't have to get on and off when crossing cement walkways or sidewalk, higher top speed
    Cons: nearest dealer is about 90 miles away, don't know how well these machines stripe
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    It sounds like the Turf Tracer would make more sense in your situation, just judging by your pros and cons. I have one and it's a damn nice machine. However, I've never used the Super Surfer so let's get some opinions on those. Anyone out there used both?

    What part of California are you in? I'm in the Central Coast area and what I've come to find out is the 36" isn't as useful as I thought it was going to be. Small lots, small gates, etc. have made it the third option on my trailer (because I have 2 21" Toro Recyclers ;) ). Be sure you know where you can make use of it before you make the purchase. In retrospect, I probably could've made much greater use of a 32" since most gates around here are just under 35". :(

    Another thing I've come to discover: The lil' Toros mulch in high grass better than the 15 hp TTHP. Don't ask me how that works, it's just an engineering marvel. ;)
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    i'm in modesto, which is in the central valley.. a lot of the houses that i do i could get a 36" into the back yards, but i don't think i could get any thing bigger into enough of them to make getting anything over 36" very productive.. although i know that great dane makes a walk behind called "gateway" it only comes in one size and that's a 52" , but the motor and controls are off center from the deck, the right half of the deck folds up and you can fit through gates as little as 35 1/2" wide... there's also another walkbehind that i saw on the internet once, i thought it was by great dane too, i can't remember what the model name was or the site, but in the description it said that it had "bat-wings" and the deck folded up on both sides and the controls and everything were in the proper places... i don't know what sizes those came in either... if any one knows what i'm talking about please let me know...

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