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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by tranum, Feb 2, 2002.

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    i purchased a tthp 36 hydro last week. i will use it mostly for sloped areas & some "islands" in parking lots. in an effort to reduce clipping discharge onto the parking lots, i purchased a cover for the discharge chute, not the entire mulch kit. this set up is causing a LOT of blow out. will installing the complete mulch kit significantly reduce the blow out? i'm not necessarily concerned with mulching, but i don't want to spend extra time blowing clippings.

    next question. does exmark offer a stand on sulky for the walkbehinds? my dealer says sit down only.

    and finally....what does "hp" stand for??

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    My suggestion would be to put the complete mulch kit on including baffles and mulching blades. Your still going to have some blow out (as with all mulching mowers) but it should be relatively minor compared to what your experiencing now. You'll find the mulch kit performance is better for your, the lawn and the lawnmower when compared to the dusty conditions your now experiencing.

    In regards to riding attachments, your dealer is correct. We only offer a sit down sulky and most of the stand on attachments are produced by "after market" suppliers.

    The HP was part of our new series of mowers a few years ago which included the Metro HP, Turf Tracer HP and Lazer Z HP. The HP stands for High Performance, High Productivity and High Profitability.


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    ordered the mulch kit today.

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