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  1. Mowman

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    Any of you guys/gals running tubes in your tires. On my Walker I have a slow leak and am wondering if a tube would be the answer or should I replace the tire itself? What would you all do? I believe the tires are orginal, 1993. They have good tread but are weather checked.
    Thanks for your advice.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I feel you are better off with tubeless. Find the source of the leak, if it's a small hole in the tread area, just fix it. If it's a rim leak, break the bead on the side it's leaking and I use the paste never seze grease (brush included) and brush it on the rim where the tire meets the rim. This works good.
  3. jdseven

    jdseven LawnSite Member
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    I have a giant vac 36 and had the same problem I replaced the tube and that cured it. My mower is a 1996
  4. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
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    You said you replaced a tube, I can see this helping if the tube in it was leaking. Mowman is thinking of installing a tube in a tubeless tire, from what I read here. Doing this will stop the leak until you get a pin hole in the tube.
  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    8 year old tires?? check it first to see the leak (dunk it in a tank of water) maybe the valve stem it bad ....but in any condition we have Slime (tire sealant) in ALL the tires ...I have a tube on one of my walker tires, but only because the rim has a little ding that won't let the bead seal .... on the front I replaced with solids
  6. jdseven

    jdseven LawnSite Member
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    Eric I should have said I put tubes in tubeless tires sorry.The trouble I had was when the tire pressure was low in one tire my mower would track to that side.
  7. awm

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    I also use the pink stuff in my tires.
    Cost 4 dollars per and eliminates most leak problems .
  8. cantoo

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    I'm thinking of getting the foam put in the rear swival tires on my Walker. I keep getting thorns in them and it's causing the rear tires to leave crooked lines in my lawns. Has anyone tried the foam in rear tires?
  9. Eric ELM

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    I bought a set of tires and rims for the back of my old Chopper 3 years ago. From at least 3 years ago on, DC has put sealant in the tires and they have never gone flat. My new one has it in all 4 tires, so I went all last season without a flat. I'm a believer in tire sealant.

    Anyone that gets 8 years out of tires is doing well. Either it doesn't get used much or you are easy on tires. I guess the back tires on my JD are almost 11 years old now. Come to think of it, I don't think they have sealer in them and they have never been flat. I can see a bunch of flat tires coming soon. :mad:
  10. bob

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    Check the valve stem. I had to replace 2 of them this year. You'll need a special tool ($2) to remove the valve. Then squirt some sealer in there.

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