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    Does anyone have any experience with the Tucor Nexus system?

    We have a road way site that is constantly being directional bored to run new fiber wire. The utility contractor hits the wire, knicks it, pulls it, etc and just covers stuff up. Over the years this has happened so many time that the wire is in really bad condition. With the GTDR is shows lots of water ingress. Couple this with using king wire nuts, regular wire nuts and duck tape on the splices the wire is pretty much trashed and makes keeping the system running a real pain. At every service interval The system is going into short circuit.

    So it is time to offer the property manager a solution. With all the utility’s on the job and the sleeves being 6 foot deep in very hard ground I have thought about using the tucor system. It uses radios to operate dc solenoids. The product cost is expensive but the labor cost would be much lower than running new wire. Also with no wire for the utility contractors to hit I makes it seem like a option. They will still hit the pipe and break that but that is very easy to tell when and where the pipes get broken.

    The site is run off a Rainbird LXD with the cell card in it. Being able to monitor the system remotely is a must for us.
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    I know nothing about this system but it seems like a very good work around for this situation. Can you calculate how often, on average, you’re having to do repairs and/or service calls on wiring? May be an easy sell if it’ll be a cost savings in the long run.
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    I don't have any direct experience with that Tucor product.
    Is Mark Grenert at Tucor available to show you any local sites that are using it?
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    I have spoken with him and he says the product is great. I have no reason not to believe him. He has been a big help with anything I need with tucor. It is a lot of money to spend which makes me nervous. They are insistent that a site survey must be completed before they will sell it. I am going to ask him if he has any local sites. I would really like to see it in action and talk to the field guys that are maintaining it.

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