TUCOR RKD & Simultaneous Zones?


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Inherited a site w/ (4) 100 zone TUCOR RKD controllers. From mention in the controller manual, I gather that I can run programs and/or zones concurrently (just like RB's SimulStation function) but have not been successful at getting the second program to start while the previous program is running.

Ie: PGRM 1 - Zone 1 running. PGRM 2 - Zone 2 set to come on 5 mins after PGRM 1 comes on, but won't ever turn on.

Can anyone just give me a step by step on whatever I'm missing? We're removing all the TUCOR and going either RB or WM this fall, but need to get something resolved in the interim.

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If it's like the TWC, a program start and a program end can't happen at the same time.
Are you saying that PGRM 1 & PGRM 2 cannot have the same start time? Wouldnt their respective "END TIME" be determined by # of zones x RUN TIME? So I don't see how/why a controller would factor that in to allowing/disabling a program that was trying to run concurrently.


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Are you saying that PGRM 1 & PGRM 2 cannot have the same start time?
From the Tucor TWC manual:
Important!Two programs cannot share the same start time. If you have two programs with identical start times, only one of them will be run. Program start times can overlap, as long as the total number of running stations does not exceed 10, but the controller will only start one program each minute. Thus, if you want to run two programs at the same time you have to run one of the programs just a minute later.

I'm not sure if this is the same in RKD, as I can find no reference to it in the RKD manual.

To OP: The first thing I'd look at is if the programs that aren't working are set to "active" and not "passive".
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Also make sure there is not a flow restriction set up. Even if there is no flow sensor you can assign a flow per zone and it could exceed the max flow when running two zones. I like the RKD controller but when you are running multiple zones at a time the programming on the twc is much easier to set up. I have never used the Weathermatic controller but I am not a fan of the rainbird IQ platform.