Tuesday, and Done For the Week!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jul 11, 2012.

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    A little update. One of my customers contacted me via email and wanted both her properties mowed today. On her residence, it had been 3 weeks, but only one week on the business, which surprised me. I checked all my other accounts here in town, and actually ended up mowing 4 others as well. They could probably have all been stretched into next week, but they all looked better after mowing. All had gone 2 weeks or more since the last mowing.
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    I hate it when customers call me telling me to mow or not to mow. As has been said many times you have to let them know in a courteous way from the get go that you're in charge of that. So this year I was proactive and right when grass starting going dormant I called most everyone myself and let them kow I was going to an e/o week cut. Since then I haven't received hardly any phone calls, and even though now it's going to be every three weeks for most lawns, or more at least my phone hasn't been ringing off the hook saying don't come today. I can't stand that.
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    That being said their are a few who I would trust to let me know whether to come or not as they are very good to me and wouldn't ask me to skip just to save a little money. I try to explain to everyone that I charge a reasonable (not low-ball) price, and in return I ask that stick w/ me at least to cut the weeds in dry conditions. But in actuality this is now much worse than dry conditions.

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