Tuff bulldozer paint for Tuff mowers


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Premixed cans of Caterpillar yellow is a near perfect match for Hustler yellow....

I took a deck pulley cover to the auto paint shop for a match.....

Seems they had spray cans of Cat yellow for 2.35 [tax included].

However he offered to custom match the color for 27.00 a quart and told me I was wasting money if I did.

He took a can off the shelf and sprayed it on the cover, guess what, it matched.


I bought some grey primer to do the job right.

Feathered the damaged areas [rust, chipped paint] and masked them off.

The leading edge of mower deck was particularly nasty and there was also the normal wear and tear on the paint after about 3 hours work on 2 mowers they now look near new and professionally maintained.

Old Caterpiller paint is too bright, It has to be the new formula

The trailer is next....


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Yeah, thats what I wanted to do. High visibility yellow [for safety] sure beats towing a black trailer.... but I already had a gallon of Rustoleum glossy black and economics won out.

So I ended up using that instead....

I did however use about 40 feet of DOT C-2 conspicious tape, [alternating red the white highly reflective] down both sides and below the drop gate on back.

Added reflective orange triangle back there too.

Added a strip on top edge of drop gate [not seen when the gate is put up] only seen when the gate is opened. Hope it will prevent unattentive drivers from driving up the ramp into the trailer.


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That was my reasons. I wanted to be a bit different. As far as I know I am the only lco in my area with a Hustler colored trailer. My paint is Transport Yellow from T.S.C.


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My uncle and I just started building a trailer. I was wondering what color to paint it . I wanted something different and was thinking of yellow. The only thing I didn't know how it would look. But after seeing your picture it would look pretty cool. At least with you living in TN and me in WI we wont be mistaken for one another.

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