Tuff choice IS2000 vs IS3100?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by cabman1939, Mar 5, 2013.

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    First of all I'm a home owner with a 4.5 acre yard. I am down to two new leftover 2012 Ferris mowers with 61" iCD decks. IS2000 has the Briggs Cyclonic 30 hp. for $8131 including sales tax. The other is the IS3100 with the 30hp Briggs Van Guard Big Block for $10700 including sales tax. Yes I have read past discussions on the same issue but I thought I might get some newer info. My gut feeling is the IS3100 is over kill and will cost $2569 more but then I think about resale value. My head is spinning, what do you guys think? :confused:
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    The 3100 is a better machine all the way around. The Vanguard engine is a lot better than the Cyclonic engine too. The BB is a true commercial engine, and about as good as it gets these days. The Cyclonic is a commercial wanna be, but would be fine for most homeonwers who don't rely on it every day for their income. As you said, resale will be better with the 3100.

    I always prefer to spend more and get more if I can. For long term use the bigger and heavier duty 3100 will hold up better, ride better, and be more fun to operate every time you get on it. I realize that 4.5 acres isn't exactly a ranch, but it's still a pretty big area to mow, and I prefer to be as comfortable as I can, which is another reason I would prefer the 3100.

    It comes down to whether or not you can afford to spend more, or are at your budget limit with the 2000, and you'd really be stretching things to get the 3100.

    Edited to add: I have seen engines that were blown off casually after each day that were still packed under the cowling when it was finally taken off.
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    3100 for sure. Completely different platform. Way smoother ride and engine. The vanguards are the best out there. Well worth the extra$ and you are correct about resale. i have an 08 ferris IS2000 52" deck with a brand new kawasaki 25 hp engine I can't even give away for some reason. It's great machine with no problems one hydro has been replaced and the other is perfect and the deck has been repostioned to perfect. 1724 hrs.
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    Over kill does not exist. I would have ZT with 1000HP if I could get one .3100 is the one to get and let some man with a 1/2 acre lot get the 2000.
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    neither. you can get a scag cheetah that has a suspension platform with 34hp kohler or vanguard 36hp for the same price as the 3100.

    the ferris may be a tad more comfy but the scag will give you a better cut. it will still be comfy enough so not a big deal.
  6. Ridin' Green

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  7. pugs

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    For home use, why are you worried about resale value? Most homeowners that buy something like this end up keeping it for 10-20 years. At that point its not going to be worth much anyway.

    Honestly unless one has the suspension seat and the other does not, you wont notice much difference in ride between the two.

    As for engines, if you take care of them, either option would be good for your use. For commercial use I would say get the Vanguard. One thing to consider though is if someone runs one out of oil the Cyclonic is about $1000 to buy a new one while the Vanguard is probably $2000-2500....if you wanted to keep the same engine that is.

    I would say you would be fine with the 2000. If you want to have bigger/better than your neighbors than go with the 3100.
  8. cabman1939

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    Thanks for your input everyone.
    FYI: About half of my yard is rough, that's why I was wanting a Ferris. We have had droughts in the summer for the past two years and I've only been mowing about 30 hours per year, that's why I thought the IS2000 would fit the bill. The other half of me wants the bigger 3100 just because I like nicer things.
    I might not be buying one now because I thought I had my John Deere 2720 sold but the guy backed out at the last minute.:cry: If I don't sell it soon I'll just keep mowing with it. Time will tell. :usflag:
  9. Ridin' Green

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    I have a JD CUT about like yours, and for homeowner work, I'd rather mow on it than my Z any day. Even more so if you have the 72" belly mower on yours.
  10. dtc0207

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    Have you ever cut with a ferris it cut great since they moved to the icd deck it is very similar I still like ferris more I've taken a couple 5400 trans apart and I think the are still cheaper made compared to pump wheel motor combo
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