Tuff choice IS2000 vs IS3100?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by cabman1939, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. weeze

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    5400 trans is perfectly fine. whatever man.

    buy whatever you want.
  2. PLS-Tx

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    We have both is2000 and is3100. For what you are doing the the 2000 would be fine.
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  3. crazyflyboy30

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    Stop talking about Scag .You have me wanting to get one now. :laugh:
  4. cabman1939

    cabman1939 LawnSite Member
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    Update. I sold my JD and know I'm still on the fence. I found two NEW mowers, a 2012 Ferris is2000 with a Vangaurd 30hp for $9000 or a 2012 Ferris is3100 for $10,000 same engine with oil cooler on the 3100, both 61". Heading out with a trailer tomorrow to bring one of them home. I test drove both. The 2000 I could see the left edge of the deck but the 3100 I had to lean over to see it. That's the only thing that is making me think about buying the 2000. I hope to have another update after tomorrow. :dizzy:
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  5. Choppin

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    Either one will be great... I have both on my trailor... I run the 2000 the most becuase it's more fuel efficient and the deck sticks out the side further for trimming around stuff..... I like the 2000 for most residents... On the open stuff where I can lay the hammer back I run the 3100...
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  6. cabman1939

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    My wallet won. I just bought a new is2000 with a 61" iCD deck and the 30hp Vanguard. It was a hard decision, thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion.
    What tipped the bucket was the fact that I would have to lean over to see the LH edge of the mower deck on the is3100, and the is3100 I found had the same low back seat as the is2000. I preferred the high back seat but I'll be in that seat for less than two hours per week. I think I can live with the low back one.
    Both machine rode 100 x better than any other ztr I tested. No, I didn't test them all, just the ones I was interested in and from my local dealers. Now I just have to wait on the grass to green up to try it out on my lawn. :usflag:
  7. pugs

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    When they stopped offering suspension seats on some of the models they went to the same seat as standard on everything from the 2000 and up. That seat looks out of place on the 3100/5100. They went to something different on them now but I have seen a few of those and its not a good look LOL
  8. cabman1939

    cabman1939 LawnSite Member
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    Here's my new IS2000 with a sunshade. It's ready to go this weekend.

    is2000 Ferris.jpg
  9. Ridin' Green

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    Congrats on the new machine!

    I had those same exact tires (brand and size wise) on a Deere ZTR a couple years ago, both the fronts and the rears. Air the fronts to 15 psi and the rears to 12, and it'll improve the ride even more, trust me.
  10. Classic cuts

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    U picked the right mower for what your gonna do! The 30hp Vanguard is an awesome engine, but its too small on the 3100, perfect on the 2000. I put almost 1500 hours on a 2000 in a few years, and never had any engine issues. I have the 3100 now with the 37hp efi kawasaki. When u wash it, dont use a power washer on the stickers they will all blow off, Ferris has had a big issue with decals coming off way to easy.

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