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    I have several questions about specifically "Tufoil" engine treatment after reading about it in much older posts.

    1. Does anybody reading this currently use it, or has anybody had a bad experience with it?

    2. Is it okay to add to my high hour machine (20hp Kohler 2440 hours) and older truck 2000 Chevy K2500 132,000? I have been told in the past that on older machines that I should not switch over to synthetic oil at this point, would that be the same principle for this additive?

    3. Do any chain stores sell it off the shelf? I do see it for sale online.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Jeff in AL

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    1. Never heard of it!
    2. Use at your own risk, not by what others say!
    3. Looks like autoparts stores sell it?

    Check it out for yourself:

    Remember, they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true... So you can trust every word they tell you!
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    Not a fan of oil additives. Remember Slick 50 or even farther back to STP and Motor Honey? All gimmicks that were at best a very temporary band aid to quiet a loose engine long enough to make it somebody elses problem. Reason why I dip a finger to feel and smell every fluid on a used piece of equipment. These are NOT anything like synthetic oil. Switching to synthetic is never a bad idea but don't expect it to repair worn bearings or rings.
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