Tune Up Costs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bommaritro, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. bommaritro

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    I did a search for this but came up empty handed. I was curious what you guys are paying at your dealers/repair shops for a basic tune up of you equipment. (Blades Sharpend, New Filter Oil/Air, Oil Change, Grease/Lube of all parts, and a Once over to see if anything needs fixing) Now your list may vary slightly but this is what they are offering.

    Got a quote from a local shop for $45 for mowers/4cycl and $30 for handheld/2cycl. The only reason I am resorting to having someone else do it and not doing it myself because I am too busy now to get to it.

    Just checking to see if this is in line with what some of you guys may be paying.

  2. rodfather

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    I have all that stuff done over the winter. It usually runs me around 4k for all of our equipment (major and minor work). I'm a real stickler on preventive maintenance and not the person to be around if I go and use something the first time in the spring and it doesn't run. Then I read the riot act to my dealer's mechanics.
  3. Gravely_Man

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    I do all of this myself so I am not able to tell you if these prices are reasonable. Since it is too late to get this done in the off season the only choice you have is to call around or pay the price.

  4. tiedeman

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    $48.50 per hour for me when I get anything major done at a dealer
  5. Lawn-N-Garden Guy

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    I do mostly everything myself ,sept for warranty work but I think my rep wanted 75.00 to go over my Exmark ZTR,Seemed high but like I said I do everthing myself

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