Tupersan discontinued...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grass4gas, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Just found out this is no longer being made. I never used a lot of it anyway so it won’t really affect me, not when you have other products to use. I did like the fact it was granular and easy to use. The liquid was more a pain in the ass.

    I know that tenacity is being applied to a granular fert so this may be why siduron is being discontinued...IDK

    Anyone else hear this?
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    Tupersan gone?
    I suspect you are correct. Tenacity (mesotrione) is probably better for application at the time of seeding.
    Take a look at a new bag of Scotts starter fertilizer with crabgrass control. Costly. It costs about $38 for a 5000 sqft bag. Sounds like it does not last long--up to 6 weeks. "Prevents dandelions." Doesn't say it kills dandelions. Not for southern grasses. May turn fine fescue white for a few weeks.
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    Im not surprised to see tuppersan go, its been around for over 40 years, It served us well in the 1970's!

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