Turbo Force deck solutions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LCCaptain, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. LCCaptain

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    I have seen several post on here discussing grass sticking under their turbo force deck but nobody ever came back and stated how and if they fixed the problem. I am having the same problem. I bought a 40" WB used (my mistake) and started practicing in my own yard. Just cutting an inch off the top and it was clumping. Wet, dry, damp, baffle open or closed, the deck is getting completely loaded with grass. IS THERE A SOLUTION THAT ANYONE HAS FOUND OUT? I did not buy it from a dealer so I have to pay for all repairs and don't want to throw money away of experiments.
  2. integrityman

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    Capitan- I own a 40" too. The drier the grass the better. That said, Ive not owned a w/b unit that doesnt get clumped up. I just clean it out every so often. It doesnt get clogged up in the summer and fall when the grass has less moisture content. I have a tiaingular pointed paint scraper that does a great job. (I drive it onto the trailer ramp with half the deck hanging out. )What I don't understand is that my Turboforce ZTR stays exceptionally clean.
  3. zanemoseley

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    Funny you mention it, I have a new 40" Toro WB hydro that will get a clogged deck fairly easy if the grass is wet at all. I use the mower for my yard only and have only used it about 6 times but in wet/moist conditions I have to occasionally cut off the the blades then re-engage them and to shoot out packed grass. I thought commercial mowers were suppose to be better with these kind of things. I really don't wanna scrape my mower ever time I use it but bugs seem to like the grass and flock to my garage, lets just say I'm not a fan of flies in my garage along with the stink of decaying grass. I'm all ears for any tips.
  4. mowerbrad

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    FLUID FILM!!!!

    ....seriously, it will prevent grass from building up as quickly. Get a couple cans of this stuff and start building it up on your deck. Get your deck as clean as you can and spray the whole underside of the deck, let it sit for a day, scrape what is left under there and reapply again. Let it sit over night and try it out the next day and see what you think. I bet it will help quite a bit.

    Then just spray the deck every now and then, like when you change the blades.
  5. lifetree

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    Very interesting thread here ... this is a rare complaint about the Turbo Force decks !! I don't see that too often here on LS.
  6. topsites

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    Yes, grass will stick to the mower.

    I can agree there.

    Exactly, pretty much.

    Got used to it.
  7. Swampy

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    I found out with Tubro Force decks that if your cutting under wet conditions is to just knock out the grass by raising and lowering the deck, or lifting the front of the walkbehind off the ground a few inches and dropping it.

    Its probably not recommend to do so but I found it easier then scraping decks.
  8. topsites

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    That's what I do, although I usually try to find an area just off the turf like near
    the woods to do it, in most cases all I have to do is disengage the blades,
    sometimes lifting and dropping the deck helps as well.
  9. LCCaptain

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    I took it to the car wash the other day after the last time I used it and blasted the underneath of the deck. After drying I sprayed siliconce sray under it and left it sit since. I just didn't know if there was something wrong with my machine, wrong blades ect. I haven't used it since. It is my back up mower and will stay that way if it is only performs well under the perfect conditions. Heck, I wouldn't be able to cut grass before 11:30 around here because of dew. Thanks for the support and info fellas.
  10. lilweeds

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    I am trying out the mid lift blades this week. I'll fill ya in if it makes a difference.

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