Turbo Turf Hydro Seeding Systems

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jeff_0, May 28, 2003.

  1. jeff_0

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    from md
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    any here used there hydro seeder before... i seams a little cheaper then a couple other one's i have looked at. Any suggestoins helpful..
  2. I am thinking about buying the 100 gal
    Hyrdo seeder by Turbo Turf

    The turbo turf sounds like a machine to get you started. And you need to look at better machines
  3. mike9497

    mike9497 LawnSite Senior Member
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    get the video and info package. i asked about the turbo turfs and the easy lawns about 3 weeks ago and nobody posted
  4. Grassmechanic

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    Jet agitation sucks. Mechanical agitation is the only way to go, IMHO.

  5. mike9497

    mike9497 LawnSite Senior Member
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    mechanical sucks because theres to many parts that will break in time.i know i have one lol lol
  6. jet agitation breaks the seed up.

    Mechanical mixes without tearing the seed up, and can mix faster and thicker slurries.

    What to go wrong with 2 grease fittings and a chain?
  7. worthbrown

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    I have rented a mechanical agitation, and I own an Easy Lawn jet agitation. For all factors considered, (cost, maintenance, ease of use), the jet is by far the best for me. A jet agitation does not damage the seed, I get sod quality results very quickly. I have a 600 gal unit, and when seeding by myself, I can seed about 1.5 acres per day, a little more with a helper. If you are looking at a unit that small, the jet is the way to go. With my Easy Lawn, I can do just as much at a much lower overhead than anyone else with the same size mechanical machine. I feel the Turbo Turf and Easy Lawn are similiar enough that either would work well. I would recommend getting the largest pump/engine combo that they offer.
  8. turfquip

    turfquip LawnSite Senior Member
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    That's good advice about buying the largest engine and pump availabe for the size machine you are considering.

    If you have a moment, check out the following link...

    Honda Power
  9. paul

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    I have yet to see a jet machine mix and shoot heavy slurries. they just can't do it. Most, if not all jet machines are limited to 30 lbs of mulch per 100 gallons of water. Machines like Finn and Bowie will handle 50 to 60 lbs of mulch per 100 gallons of water. In our 600 gallon Finn our normal load is 250 lbs of 100% wood mulch. Even though it says its a 600 gallon tank you can only load 500 gallons allowing for the mulch, seed and other additives. This takes 15 minutes to load and 10 minutes to shoot. Now if you are applying 1500 to 2500 lbs of mulch per acre, you need 6 to 10 loads. A jet machine you would need 8 to 14 loads to do this. Remember Iron you pay for once labor you keep paying for.
  10. turfquip

    turfquip LawnSite Senior Member
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    Paul is absolutely correct. We recommend 33 lbs. in our TQ 110 machine, and 100 lbs. in our TQ 300.

    I had a guy call me the other day interested in a 110 gallon unit and actually get mad when I reminded him he would need to fill the tank 46 times to cover an acre at the 1500 lb. rate.

    The numbers simply can't lie. But I still contend that for small jobs , repairs, etc., a jet machine is very adequate. For guys that cant plop down 18 - 20K for a Finn, four thousand for a decent 300 gallon unit makes sense.

    If you can make money with a 300 gallon jet, you can probably justify the bigger purchase in the near future. Makes sense to 'probe' your market...determine demand before you take the plunge. That's the way I did it anyway :)

    Honda Power

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