Turbo Turf Hydroseeders

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    James Lincoln makes a good machine now, no doubt about it. But the turfmaker machines where originally built by Kincaid for James. Its no coincidence that the Kincade agigator looks just like the turfmaker machines. You will never hear me say anything bad about James Lincoln or the turfmaker brand of hydroseeders.
    James has done a lot for the residential hydroseeding industry by selling affordable machines that are more than capable at mixing and spraying a hydroseeding slurry. Most any mechanical agitated machine will mix a heavier slurry than the jet agitated machines. As far as who builds the best mechanical machine, I dont think there is a nickels difference in most of the manufacturers. Some have different bells and whistles, but they all pretty much do the same job. None of them will grow grass if the operator doesnt know how to use them. I found that out after I was convinced my jet machine was the cause of all my problems and went out and bought the Bowie. Only thing that changed was the amount of money I owed. It wasnt until i spent several hundred hours researching grasses and soils did I start having success. Once I changed what i was doing, I found I could grow grass just as well with my jet machine as i could the mechanical one.

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