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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by pondfishr, Apr 19, 2006.

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    Does any one have experience with the Turf-Aire Coring aerator. I would like to add aeration services to my business and thought this one might be a good choice. Attachment is with the 3 point hitch on my Kubota B7500 tractor. I think that the 48" would be the best size but I first wanted to ask the experts. Price for 48" is $1299.00 weight 412lbs. / 36" $1099.00 364lbs.

    Here is the link to their website - http://www.turf-aire.com/turfaire.html
  2. pondfishr

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    Has no one seen this unit to know anything about it. If not could you make some recommendations for a 3pt hitch aerator. I need to get something but I am not sure what is the best one to buy. Help!!
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    I have never seen this unit. Has it been out long? Who has it? What is the aeration core pattern? Does it core, slice or renovate? Look at the 42 inch by Turfco at


    Turfco has been around for over 50 years and I have used their stuff all the time.
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    i saw a couple units today.
    1st was the residential unit, very well built.

    2nd was the commercial unit, a monster.

    Both units were tow behind, not 3pt....

    looks like a nice product.
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    I will be happy to answer any questions regarding product comparison, or any other questions. I am not a sponsor, so I will only answer as asked in respect to the sponsors and forums. I am not hear to advertise, but I am looking at the forum to see if we do want to add this to our ad budget.

    If you want to ask generalized questions such as how does out products compared to others, message me and I will answer your private message, and if you want to post the answer feel free to.

    I will check with the moderator to see how he would like me to answer specific questions for our products as a service to the forum users, but still be respectfull to the paid advertisers.

    Jason B Bour
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    I could have given you a more thorough answer a few days ago, but I just threw out all my research literature and notes since I bought a CA2572 LandPride 72" core aerator for a 3-point hitch. I'm very happy with it after approximately 10 acres of coring.

    I didn't consider mail order or internet sales unless I could physically look at one which I couldn't so I stuck only with local [+ or - 50 miles] dealers and checked out Woods, LandPride, Rankin, John Deere [not actually JD, but made for them and painted green] and AerWay. I also immediately eliminated the AgriFab and JD homeowner models as too flimsy. No local dealers for Classen or Bluebird, but I rented a tow-behind Bluebird a few years ago and knew I wanted a 3-point model.

    The one I ended up really wanting is the AerWay which is not a core aerator, rather it uses an offset angled blade which "fractures" the soil and according to all my research really does the best job of all - it doesn't compact the soil at all and it doesn't leave cores so the ground heals up almost immediately. The local custom farm guys use them around here in conjunction with in-ground manure injection and the pastures are useable again within a matter of days. Unfortunately the smallest 48" model costs around $3600 which was twice what I ended up paying.

    All the models I looked at [with some exceptions] were 60". The Rankin did not appear to be as heavy as I wanted but was the cheapest at around $1200. The Woods was plenty beefy but was around $2700. The JD [can't remember the actual brand of it but it may come to me. maybe Frontier?] seemed to be heavy enough - the one I looked at was used and was $1675, but the side attachements for the 3-point could have been heavier. It had a heavy [1/4"?] angle iron frame with expanded metal on top for adding weight.

    I then talked to two LandPride dealers. A new 60" was around $2300, but the second guy had two three year old units sitting on his lot, BUT one was 48" at $1200 and the other 72" at $1875, no five footer. After 7 years of maintaining this place [I know, I haven't been around for a while - I took a year off and traveled but that's another story] I have wide-open lawns and pastures so I thought it over and went for the six footer. Good decision. Talked him down to $1800 plus tax.

    So far I've done 10+ acres [of about 40 acre horse ranch] in a very reasonable amount of time - don't have my times right here but about 4 hours. I picked it up on Thursday morning and tried it out, but we've been in a drought and the ground was hard, hard, hard. Luckily it rained all day Friday and Friday night so I did some Saturday morning and it pulled plugs like nobody's business. It got sunny all day Saturday and Sunday and dried out again, but I put 500 pounds of lead shot on top and it pulled great cores again Monday. I'm going to let it rain once more and go over it all again before I seed.

    The LandPride weighs 480 pounds and has 96 spoons with 12 wheels of 8 and each wheel is greaseable and turns independently so I could make nice gradual turns with no tear up at all - I did lift the 3-point and turn at the end of each row which after all is the reason for having the 3-point with no problem. I'm using a compact Massey-Ferguson 1235 which is rated for 1500 pounds of lift at the 3-point with no problem. For the heck of it I put over 1000 pounds on the aerator but didn't need it and that made it harder to turn, although it still picked it up easily.

    I'd say on the commercial machines I looked at, the spoons seemed to be mostly the same but the difference was in frame weight and sturdiness, independent tine wheels [some turned two at once] and ability to be loaded up with weight when needed. So far I'm very happy with the LandPride. Good luck, Will M>
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    We do have them in the three point hitch.

    Jason B Bour

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