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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by upidstay, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. upidstay

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    Anybody ever use turf blankets? How long can you safely leave them on for. To be used in Michigan over sod. Will snow pack over the blanket hurt the sod??
  2. rusty2

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    The blankets should breath and snow will not be a problem unless it starts to thaw and refreezes as ice. I would leave the blankets on as long as possible. The only reasons to pull them before opening day are, it is hotter than normal and the grass may suffer, the grass is long or ice needs to be removed.
    I would suggest treatment with something for snow mold prevention before I put the covers on. Make sure it covers pink and gray.
  3. IvyLeague

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    I use the blankets on newly seeded fields and lawns. Especially if it's getting too cold quick. I pulled a blanket off a lawn this week after 4 weeks, I had about 3" growth mostly rye and fescue. The blue will takes its time. I like to remove the tarp if the grass is ready for a cut, this way it can harden off before winter. I have left them on over new infields and they do well, just watch for fungus.

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