turf burnouts

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by snowjeep, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. snowjeep

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    I have a cub cadet Z Force 50 which does burn outs on all surfaces no matter how careful I am. The dealer said to get more aggressive tires. The only ones I found that looked good were maxxis, carlisle didn't seen aggessive. Any help appreciated.
  2. dcondon

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    Do a search because this has been brought up several times. Good Luck!!!
  3. Jason Rose

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    The problem is the machine is so light it's hard to make it turn, the weight of the machine is probably more than the amount of ground pressure that's on the back tires. << that makes NO sence I know...

    I come from years of running older 50" dixon mowers... same problem with them. What you need is some weight on the back of the machine, not a lot, 30 pounds or so would make a big difference... either gain some weight or add some weight to the rear of the machine. If you had a catcher on the back the problem would be much less. More agressive tires aren't going to solve the problem, you will have a rototiller then.

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