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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by turfcon, Mar 25, 2006.

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    New member, I have years of turf, sod, golf course and athletic field renovation experience, as well as a degree in turfgrass management. I am wondering what you all think of the idea of working as a turf consultant. Is that a service that you lawn care companys might be interested in. Would you purchase my services, so that you might be able to make your customers lawns look better. I really want you opinion good and bad

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    I wouldn't plan on paying your mortgage by doing it. You can get some work but usually not from people in this industry. Most consulting work comes from homeowners or homeowners associations or management companies. I have been in the same area for 20 plus years and I'm very active in the industry and its known that I do consulting and teaching etc. I consult on trees, turf, irrigation, lighting, fertilizer injectors and plants. I did less than 3-K in consulting/teaching last year.
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    All the Ag colleges and universities have "consultants" that will give advice for free. Why would someone pay for something that they can get for free??
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    I too have been in my area and area of expertise for 15 yrs........if your not gonna e doing the work think of yourself like the "Maytag Repairman" commercials.......You're gonna have to market yourself verrrry heavily to get your name out there......the problem is there is soooooo much competion, from the General Lawn/Landscape /Tree care operations, that You will be hard pressed as a Consultant Only..........just my opionion.........Good-Luck at whatever you Decide?:usflag:
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    I am currently enrolled at Clemson University for Turf Grass Management. I would only use my expertise and knowledge to help my customers lawns look their best. I would never consult with anyone else. I'd always try to help others on this site as well. I ask questions and sometimes I will get a response.

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    With all the free advice from Lawnsite, state conservation agents, state universities, and local talk programs - did you ever think about taking your consultation expertise commercially to the radio waves on a Sat./Sun morning talk-show format, or to television for a local news network's midweek or weekend outdoor segment? It'd benefit the station with increased revenues from advertisers who would also value their names being broadcast as that week or weekend's featured advertiser per each 15 minutes worth of timeslot, per segment or full-length show. Your cash-paid retainer from the station, could be a percentage of the advertisers pool for any given week, perhaps.
    After some successful media-exposure, this could also benefit your resume as a sought-after sales consultant for well-established local or national firms.

    Before approaching prospective advertisers with the idea, first approach the local media stations programming and advertising director's departments to find out their level of hospitality (problem slots, voids in their existing program schedules, handling their objections to at least give the idea a try from April 15th to June 15th this year!) and receptiveness regarding running weekly/daily program segments, or even full-hour(s) worth of weekend programming (a given: you'd partially share in the responsibility & customer service of the station(s) in bringing in and retaining any given week's advertisers).

    Next bring the commitment you and the stations represent to further qualify your best contacts with the big local landscape supply centers, nurseries, Nationwide Turfgrass Products Suppliers (many featured right here on Lawnsite!) and big lawn care companies you've dealt with in all your years of expertise - of their ability to advertise in 2 and 3 week blocks of 15 minute segments of advertising on that week's segments or weekend's program to partner in the program's success together.

    If you're doing consulting the way Jack Mattingly and Jim Paluch do, THINK BIG ! Because you CAN do it!!
    We plan to actively pursue this ourselves at some near date. Consultation and Negotiation are some of the most highly paid professions on earth !
    Great Post and welcome to Lawnsite turfcon !

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