Turf Ex RS7200

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by DistinctiveDave, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. RigglePLC

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    Fertilizer and high humidity are very tough on any parts not made from stainless steel (or plastic). Throttle cables, pump-on and off, electric components, too. Is this a corrosion situation? Did you clean it often and take good care of it? Change oil? Change air filter, change fuel filter? Did you make sure that all gas (and alcohol) was run out before winter storage? What kind of motor? Wait--I think I see a Honda motor on the website.

    Was spread pattern good? Spray pattern good? Tank convenient? Any electric components? How is pump driven? How is the spinner driven?
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  2. americanlawn

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    Local LCO friend brought his RS7200 here last fall hoping to trade for a used Ryan aerator. I was thinking it might be a nice gift for my brother. So two of us took it for a spin. "Top heavy" was terribly obvious. Quality of workmanship was also inferior. Bottom line, I'd prefer a push spreader & and backpack spot sprayer over the RS700.
  3. ted putnam

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    I looked at one today at our states turfgrass show. I looked in the hopper and the screen looked like it would be great for grilling burgers or steaks but not much for filtering out particles too big for the hopper opening. It did have a Honda motor which is great but you can cover a piece of Ribeye with dog poo and it's still a POS. I have one word for my overall impression..."Cheezy"
  4. grass4gas

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    I demoed one before I bought my ground logic this past spring. Biggest issue is that it pulled to one side so you had to over compensate when driving.

    I didn't care for the 3 hole hopper.

    I did like the spray lever, as it could be locked in place when wide open spraying is needed, and then with a light squeeze the lock is released to go back to manual mode. On pavement, the spray pattern looked good for a single nozzle set up, but don't know how it does in real work environment.

    It also had a parking break.

    Not the greatest setup IMO as it does like to turf the grass if not really careful. I also could not use my rack-original PG rack- as it was to wide and to long to fit.
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Does anyone use a TurfEx machine that DOES like it?
  6. americanlawn

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    DA -- I have never seen one in our market (central Iowa). I saw a Triumph a year ago-- haven't seen it since. For outfits that run spreader/sprayers everyday -- by far most common is the T3000, but there are a few Ground Logics roaming around. Folks that spray part time: PG Magnums. Then we might see a Z-spray once a month or something.
  7. jbturf

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    Da i got some detailed info on the new turfex E model coming out , if u want i can fwd it too you. I too am looking for a new rig, wish turfco would ditch the steering wheel
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  8. FdLLawnMan

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    I love the steering wheel on my T. One handed steering, easy on the body, try one for awhile, you may actually like.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I would take some info on that, yeah. PM me I guess. But I think everyone would have to see significant upgrades in workmanship out of that new model to even consider it.
  10. Chamber143

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    Haven't tried any of the others but I just purchased a ground logic pathfinder and first impressions are that this little thing has potential to make my life a lot easier and make me some money as well. It feels like a super solid machine. Have yet to spread anything with it but I like it upon first inspection. Fwiw

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