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    I have been Charging small (under 10000ft./2 ) $25-30 for fungiside apps. Bayeleton has been my choice. I was not able to buy Daconil liquid this year, so went with Bayeleton.<p>I am curious for others input. The stuff is so expensive that you can't be turning a profit like with fertilizer. People will go crosseyed if you tell them $75 for per application and it may need to re-applied in 3 weeks.
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    don't sprat fungi...inhibits root growth and you get hooked on product...mow shorter
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    Jeffyr, I hope you are getting the Bayleton at a great price! Bayleton cost me $99.96 for (4) 5.5oz WS packs, each bag at .5oz per 1000sf will cover 1/4 acre. If you are charging $25 per 1000sf you would only break even, when you include fuel, sprayer, etc. you would be losing money! I surely hope your price is not for granular! <p>Spraying Bayleton cost ME $2.27 per 1000, granular cost ME $5.40 per 1000. I charge $25.00 drive up and $8.00 per 1000sf, if they do not wish to pay, so be it. Offer to let them go to Lesco and buy a bag themselves ($75.00 for 13000sf) and you will apply it for only $10.00. When they price it themselves, they will call you back.<p>Richard2, with fescue here in NC it gets tough to mow shorter with 90+ temps due to rapid evaporation. With late afternoon showers and temps &gt;70 degrees mowing shorter is not always the only solution. I try to mow a little shorter and limit the use of Bayleton as much as possible.<p>Ray<p>
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    cure all apps never really work and are never cost effective...fall is the key time to power up your soil and grass plants...to spray in the summer is pointless, for stress on plants i use roots products as well as a local humic product..try www.rootsinc.com, also humates allow for a low N program, low N= less top growth,less disease (top growth means cells are stretched out more, i like more compact cell structure), easier mowing with less top, reduction in dump fees or easier mulching if so inclined. biosolids applied to soil will allow for greater root structure...don't buy chem from the petro manufactors who claim to be in the ag feild...who cares if it's labeled safe- how safe was dursban? ( how many jugs of chem-mec whre needed to keep the garden of eden rollin'?) would you want your kids rolling around in grass treated with chem?.....

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