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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Canadian GreenScape, May 2, 2004.

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    I did a search and found alot of other guys on here with collage and university degrees. I have my BBA but am interested in the turf grass course that gets alot of mentions in the fourm. Is there a distance edu course you can take? or is it a brick and mortar classroom course? I live in New Brunswick Canada and a community collage offers landscape management but its 4 hours from here. Any recommendations on what courses are good?
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    University of Massachusetts school at Stockbridge is one of the best schools for turfgrass management in the US. They offer degree programs and cerificate programs. Very useful for our line of work if you are interested in all the different aspects of this field...
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    Thanks guys ill check them out :)
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    I am in the process of completing the UGA CTP material and exams. Very thorough program, but it takes a lot of investment in your time to complete it.

    I have a university degree in another field but found this very challenging.
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    Turf unlm. how did you go about taking UGA's program are you fulltime or distanced learning. I would like to take the course but have little time to spare.
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    I take my final for the Purdue Turfgrass Pest Management course tomorrow. There is much more content than just pest management and I recommend the course highly. I decided on the Purdue course simply because it seemed to meet my needs a bit better. I have a degree, but not in turf or golf course management.
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    The UGA CTP is a distance learning program that requires no classroom time. What you learn from this program WILL help you in the field, I have no doubt about that. I did this in my spare time over the past year.

    You get a large binder full of material for self-study. In order to receive the certification, you must pass 2 exams. You take the exam at a local testing center. Most colleges and universities will administer the tests for you in coordination with the folks at UGA. You have 1 year to complete the program, which should be sufficient. Everybody has at least some spare time to study.

    Here are the sections in my book:

    Turfgrass Morphology, Growth, and Physiology
    Turfgrass Identification, Adaptation, and Use
    Turfgrass Establishment
    Turfgrass Insects
    Turfgrass and the Environment
    Solutions to Common Turfgrass Problems
    Customer Relations/Professionalism

    The exams are rather lenghthy and challenging. To give you an idea, if you complete this program you can exempt your Commercial Pesticide License in the state of Georgia.
    The Pesticides chapter basically covers all of that.

    Passing this does not make you an expert, but gives you enough knowledge to show mastery in most situations.

    The book also serves as great reference material even after you've finished the program, especially for pesticides, diseases, and insects.

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