!!Turf Guys!! Which improved turf blends???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SuperBGuy, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I have a oppurtunity to put in a new lawn at a newly constructed daycare. only about 5000 sq. ft will be irrigated and the remaining 15,000 sq. ft will not. I was looking at various improved tall fescue blends:

    Defiance XRE
    Mow Less
    Rebel Supreme

    Does anyone have any experience with these blends. Can you folks recommend something else? Hydro-seeding is an option in the specs. I wanted to offer the client a better turf that will stand up to foot traffic and still look like a lawn should. I am NE Ohio so cool season grasses only, and their will be minimal shade. Obviously I will have to put some improved rye or Kbg in the blend as well. HELP???

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    I've used the Rebel line before, Rebel Jr. it might have been called, and rebel 2. Both worked well with good germination. Power seeding is the way to go if its in the budget. There was a recent thread on kgb and fescue for your area, both pro and con. After talking with my turf expert here I'm sticking with straight fescues.

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