Turf Insecticides.... What do YOU use?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Whitey4, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Whitey4

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    OK, some of you know, this is my rookie year as a cert'd tech.... so, I'm still looking for advice. I had a billbug problem that some here helped me with, (which I effectively treated with some retail stuff) now, I have a property with chinch bug. As far as I know, these pesticide tolerant chinch bugs are still confined to the southeastern states. Hopefully, these won't be hard to eradicate. No doubt... it's clearly chinch bugs.... textbook description of both nymphs and adults with the "bug flotation test".

    So, what is a good shotgun, "one insecticide kills all" choice? I realise that grubs and some other insects require a more specific chemical control treatment, but what should I stock? Looking for a broad spectrum effective solution here. Do you have a "Jack of most Trades" lawn insecticide you prefer? Like aphids, billbugs, chinch bugs, web worms, mites, etc?

    Being in NY.... I try to limit the number of pesticides I use due to restrictions, labels with 1/4" type, etc... thanks in advance.
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    There isn't a whole lot of things that are a "cure all", but I can tell you this. An all around insecticide that kills most is Sevin (Carbaryl). If mixed to the grub rate, it can get to the grub level when it is watered in, and it hits everything on the way down. When first sprayed, it gets all the surface insects. watered in light, it gets the sub-surface insects. As it goes in deeper, it hits the grubs. It is a one time hit, essentially, and has no residual. I keep a backpack of Sevin mixed for different things, and use it occasionally for different things. I use a bp with bifenthrin and imidicloprid mix more often, though. It seems to be more applicable for more things - especially right now for Japanese Beatles. I get the quick knockdown of bifenthrin, and a foliar feed of imidicloprid until the drench takes up. Some people have missed the boat more or less for the drench feeding to control Japanese Beatles, so this is a more practicle measure.
  3. heritage

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    I do not know if you can use Allectus (Bifenthrin and Imdacoporid) in NY.

    And you are looking for a Shotgun approach, and Realistically...... I think to include Billbug (which needs to be prevented in April) prevented in Early Season with Merit (Imdacloprid) yet want that product to be around long enough for the White Grub Complex, is something we all would like to see.

    Not trying to ramble or be a smart guy here but I don't think such a product exists YET,

    IF Allectus WAS allowed in NY (I don't know if it is or isn't) and you applied it in April for Billbug (The Imdacloprid Componant) the Bifenthrin that went down then likely will be GONE by the time Chinch Bugs Or Sod Web Worms have re invaded.

    Do you see where I am going?

    My advise is get REALLY GOOD at knowing your lawns (I keep a record, same as Dr's Office) and keep notes on each.

    In a season of 2 you will know what to use and when to use it in "Most Cases"

    If it were easy, MORE "Grasscutters" would be doing these applications.

    Learn more about each pest and Lifecycle, you have listed.

    You will get better quickly at this Profession :)

  4. heritage

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    For the NEW, CB issue, see if Talstar Granular can be used in your area,
    as it still works good on CB in our eastern region.

  5. greendoctor

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    Sevin SL at 6oz/M. Whether this or any other turfgrass insecticide application works is all in how it is applied. I like to do turf insecticides in 5 gallons/M and at very high pressure to get the active ingredients down to the soil/thatch layer without the ucertainty of rain or irrigation overdiluting it. Talstar, Suspend, or Tempo are the same way. Blast it in there, and I do not expect control failures. All of these products are useless if a low pressure, low volume spray only scatters droplets on the upper 1" of the turf. The taller the grass, the more water and pressure you need. In the old days, Dursban was not too picky about how it was applied because chlorpyrifos has a high vapor pressure. It becomes volatile and those vapors are just as toxic as contact with the product. One of the reasons it is banned on residential turf and ornamentals. In the 1990's I stil did not cut corners when applying Dursban, at that time I would run 10-20 gallons/M when spraying for chinch bug in st augustine. Had no control failures.
  6. greendoctor

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    If I am not mistaken, Sevin is not a New York State RUP. All pyrethroids and imdacloprid is. So tell me why there is Triazicide(lambda-cyhalothrin), Bug-B-Gon(bifenthrin) and Bayer(beta-cyfluthrin) in New York. If the Certified applicators have to jump through hoops, why do DIYers get a free pass. A similar situatlon existed in Hawaii with broadleaf herbicides. Weed-B-Gon(2,4-D,MCPP,Dicamba), the DOA restricted 2,4-D so much there was no market for it, even though I always used it. I was the only one. At one time a gallon of ester would be worth more to me than gold. Only now have the powers to be pulled their heads out of the dark and smelly place and took it off the RUP list. During the ban, golf courses and "landscapers" would buy Weed-B-Gon by the case. That's all there was.
  7. Whitey4

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    GD, In NY, the restrictions are bad, but on Long Island they are silly.... Drive is prohited, Merit restricted.... but for this problem, bifenthrin is not, and that was my choice.... Anderson's ProSect, 0.15% AI. NY is crazy.... some Dylox formulas are restricted now, but not all of them. Sevin is available to all. It's been used so much here, from veggie gardens to lawns and shrubs, I no longer think it is as effective as it once was. Many pests have built up a tolerance towards it, a reverse argument for prohibiting so may other controls.

    Good thing I am a "use as I go" applicator.... buy too much of something, it gets restricted or prohibited, and then what do you do? Now, I will spend my evening blowing up the Anderson's ProSect label to 1/4" type, required as a handout when I get the pesticide contract signed with the home owner.... then I am "supposed" to notify all adjoining property owners that a pesticide application will happen, 48 hours notice.

    But, being a small volume user, the Anderson's granular was a good fit for me. I only ned to treat 3k now, but should be able to finish off a 50 lb bag before the season is over, as insecticides are not in my "standard" application program. I only use them when I diagnose.

    Thanks also Heritage.... Allectus... restricted, even though straight bifenthrin is not. I am learning as fast as I can! But, there IS a curve, and this forum has helped immensely. Of course I knew there was no "One size fits all", but was looking to get a control that would handle most jobs effectively, with the understanding that many problems require their own specific remedies.

    While I have much to learn yet, I haven't FUBAR'ed anything yet, and my applications so far have been effective. So, I figure I'll be on the ballot for rookie of the year, but don't expect to get enough votes to win it! LOL....
  8. jbturf

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    is that new stuff acelapryn from dupont avail to u yet?
    is supposed to be a reduced risk product, so hopefully it
    will make the cut in your area.
    i think i read that it is currently available everywhere in the northeast
    except my state MA
  9. gregory

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    i had a real bad chinch bug problem last year and used bifenthrin grannular and had very good luck with it..i used it at max rate but that got rid of the chinch bug problem and havn't gotten them back so far.....
  10. heritage

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    Your welcome :)

    Keep up the good work!


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