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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wrivers, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. wrivers

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    I know treating for grubs and chinches is still pretty far off, but I was wondering if anyone had used Allectus and/or Arena for prevenatative treatments.

    The Merit in the Allectus is solid on grubs, but when I apply preventatively for grubs is NOT when I want to be putting down bifenthrin for chinch bugs. So, later in August when I have a chinch bug outbreak, if I put out more Allectus I am wasting (or over-applying) imidacloprid. Besides, imidacloprid is only labled for chinch bug supression, so I'm not sold on it holding them at bay after the bifenthrin has lost it's efficacy from the first application.

    So, I am wondering how clothianidin has worked on chinch bugs for anyone that has used it. It has a wider application window for grubs too, and is labeled for chinch control, not supression. It just seems like a better product at first glance, but you never know until you've tried it. Thanks. Wes
  2. Victor

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    I've used Allectus extensively and have nothing but good things to say about it. I only had breakthrough after using it on one occasion. There were extenuating circumstances involved however. The lawn I had the problem with breakthrough had a grotesque amount of thatch and the owner didn't want to pay to have it dethatched. We had an hot really long, hot Summer and the lawn wound up having a bad grub problem in late September.

    That's is the only time I didn't have top-notch reasults after using Allectus on a lawn. The overwhelming majority of my customer base pays to have me apply it. For customers that want insect protection, I apply it for Round 3. Round 3 starts June 1st.

    Just be warned that there are different blends of Allectus. Some of the blends contain varying amounts of AI. The blend I use is 18-2-5 with .225% Allectus.
  3. lawn king

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    Allectus is a good, reliable product, no complaints with it what so ever.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    Both Merit and arena are in the same chemical class and are very similar, Allectus I think is a decent product but the Bifenthrin does wear off pretty quickly, which usually means future apps, other than those few lawns you had perfect timing on. I would reccomend going to Dupont chemicals website and going to lawn and turf, then check out ACELEPRYN you will be nothing less than amazed with this surface and sub surface product, the studies have come back with excellent results and SEASON LONG CONTROL of surface and sub, nothing else on the market will compete with this product for a long time, it will get U.S approval this spring. it will also eventually be tied to fert, this chemical is in it's own class which makes it very special.
    I believe the expected rate will be low volume designed and I'm hearing about 8oz/acre.
  5. americanlawn

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    Thanks PSUTURF -- we treat a few lawns for billbugs each spring with Merit, but the correct timing varies from year to year. Some years late March is best, and other years late April is best. Acelepryn might be what we have been waiting for.
  6. boats47

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    I have had nothing but great results from Allectus for coverage of surface and sub surface all season long. I had the same problem as Vic with one particular lawn and the extensive thatch and a customer that did not want to dethatch. What are you going to do..... The "talstar" in the allectus should be ample to to kill off any surface insects you have, I would be suprised if it does not.
  7. Victor

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    That sounds like a really interesting product Geek. I went to Dupont's website and read what they had to say about it (which wasn't much unfortunately). I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for any more information that becomes available on this product. It sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just to touch on the point you made about talstar/Bifen, if you never got breakthrough with talstar as a preventative either your timing was awesome or you don't have to worry about timing, the only reason I say this and FMC will back this up, at the high rate for lawn care you still only get a few weeks to a month control.
  9. Victor

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    From what I understand, there are different amounts of Bifenthrin and Imidacloprid in Allectus combo offerings. The only one I've been privy to is the 18-2-5 w. .225% Allectus blend. Last year, I applied it at the recommended rate in early June and never had any chinch, or billbug breakthrough, even though we had tons of second-generation chinches crawling around late into the year. With the efficacy I've been seeing from the Allectus product I use, I think this product is better than people give it credit for. This isn't the first time I'm heard mumblings of the lack of Bifenthrin in this product, but it's never let me down. Even in years like this past one, where it had to control surface-feeders like chinches for 4 1/2 months. I saw second-generation chinches crawling around in my area even in October last year. That sounds pretty effective to me.
  10. boats47

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    I would like to think that I pay attention to the timing of my products and that I listen to the local Coop as when we should looking to put down insecticides. Yes there is a science to it and to blindly apply something does not make sense to me. Do I always get it right....YAH right... We are only as good as the information we obtain from out sourcing. I think that the product gives tremendous results (when applied correctly) and I will continue to use it on all my properties. Not to mention the price per K is at least $6 cheaper then what I paying for Lesco's merit combo.

    Just my two cents.

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