Turf is stressed and so am I

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. GarPA

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    Been a while since I've chatted with you foks. Well many of us know we've been having some tough weather for too long. My biz is less than a year old...40% of sales is mowing, rest is landscape installs, turf renovation, season color changes and holiday decorating. Mow clients are all on annual contracts but frankly making tire tracks on dormant grass is just something I wont do. My door hangar marketing for fall is getting marginal results. Some propsects have told me they have just given up on new planting for this year...and they dont want aeration and overseeding because the long term rain predictions are not encouraging for turf recvovery.. .cant blame them after 2 horrible years in a row. I plan on hanging there as I'm an older guy who understands that building a good biz takes time and hard knocks. I guess what I'm asking you for beyond 'hang in there' is some useful tactics you veterans have used to sustain your biz in tough weather times. I like what I do and my biz has a very good repuation so giving up is not an option...thanks much for your help...you folks have always been so helpful...Kitzy in PA.
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    kitzy ,i dont know any answer except hang in there. i wont be doing installs or anything that rquires water to live. here in stanley county nc.
    ps we are getting some afternoon showers now ,so i guess theres hope.
    good luck.
  3. General Grounds

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    :blob3: same here in central jersey every thing is so dry, i almost feel like taking a week off because we are caught up on side work and its way to hot to plant, or seed. played golf today on a very nice course and there irragation ponds are very low, almost to the point if you hit your ball 20-30 feet into the pond you could chip it out, doesnt look good for this week gonna be in the 80's though. t
  4. Tony Harrell

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    I was working off the rain we got about a month ago and then it turned dry for about 20 days. I haven't mowed my own lawn in 3 weeks. The rain we got over fri and sat will kick it about wed or thurs. Side note...I ran into an old racing/riding buddy from 15 years ago. Turns out he's been in the biz for 9 years and fairly successful. He says it's his worst year in 9 years because of the drought and also because of the textile layoffs around here. Well, everythings sharp and gassed up, just waiting for the photosynthesis and water to work their magic. Uh, green grass and high tides to you all!

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