Turf Magazine (do you get them?)

Eric ELM

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If you don't already have a subscription to Turf Magazine, go click on the upper right corner to get one. In the near future, you will be wishing you had one and wondering what we are all talking about. This is all I can or will say for now. It's a great magazine. :)
I get it too. It's an OK trade journal. There are usually some pretty decent articles on golf course stuff that can apply to the commercial mower. Their "buyers guide" sections are bogus! There is nothing more than a brief blurb on different companys products, and the number to circle on the insert card to recieve more info. Nothing else??!! They could definately do a way better job in this area. On the other hand, I learned about this site in it. And that was a very good thing.


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Here are the free magazines that I get, Turf, Pro, Athletic Turf, Landscape Management, Grounds Management, and Landscape and Irrigation. I think thats it.


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Hi everyone,
If I can help with Turf subscriptions, etc. please email me at shelliebeau@yahoo.com or call me at 800/422-7147. Watch for more info about Lawnsite.com -- and real product testing/use results.

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I'm wanting to get Landscape Management and Grounds Management magazines. Does anyone know the sites to order?