Turf Mate versus Turf Saver

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J.Gordon, May 4, 2004.

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    I sliced the sidewall on My W/B and went to the tire shop to get a replacement tire, all they had was a Deestone 20x10x8 which is the size tire that my W/B use’s. It was about $30.00, which is cheap compared to the Turf mate that I have found online for $58.00 with shipping added. I put the Deestone on to get back to working. This tire looks just like the Turf Saver. It looks like the Turf Saver is more rugged than the Turf mate.
    I have noticed that the turf saver look alike will tear up the grass quicker because it doesn’t have the traction that the Turf mate has and will spin very easy. No one has the 20x10x8 Turf mate in my area. I will gladly pay more for the Turf mate because of the increased traction and not tearing up the turf. Is there a good place on the Internet to buy tires reasonably? I would like to keep a couple of spares on hand incase this problem arises again. What tire do you prefer? Thank you for any help you give!

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