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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ATVracer, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Got a service call today on a small lawn where the turf(TTTF) is pulling up some in the yard, mainly around the edges. I dug up some areas of turf up to about 4 inches deep and all I found was 2 armyworms and some common dark grey bugs of which I can't remember what they're called. Since neither of these eat roots I am thinking the problem is the dry spell we are currently under. The roots were brown and dry. Yard had a history of severe grub damage several years ago and has been treated since then with preventative grub control around July 1 each year. I know it is not time for grub damage since they are not hatched yet, does anyone else think it could be caused by the drought? Only had about 1/2 inch of rain in the last 5-6 weeks with 85-90degree temps. Thanks!
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    Are the edges around walks and driveways? If yes. Then maybe. Drought can cause a whole lot of damage if turf goes beyond the dormant stage. However, I would suspect it would take several weeks for permanent damage to occur. But, it is possible. If the damage you are seeing is around beds and fence lines check the property owners round-up supply. We see a lot of this damage this time of year when homeowners and yes , landscape contractors get lazy and don't want to trim anymore. If the turf was not pulling up from the roots or was not root pruned, you may still have an insect problem that requires further investigation. Keep in mind that insects wouldn't normally follow a pattern around the edges. At least not from what Iv'e seen. Just some thoughts. Is the rest of the lawn watered?
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    Is it just along the edges or also out in the lawn?

    Do these areas hold water by any chance?

    Anything different where the turf is pulling up?

    Could the heat from (absorbed by the sidewalks or driveway) be affecting the turf?

    Not sure if this helps...but we was in a 3 month drought last year...and I could never pull up any of the TTTF in my lawns. Sounds to me like something else may be going on!

    TTTF does better in dry conditions compared to most cool season grasses, so I guess I would be surpised that this is what is going on!

    Where are you at in IN? I have been getting tons of rain here on the OH/IN boarder!

    I thougth you would have had a rain in the last couple weeks?
  4. ATVracer

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    The lawn looks the same throughout and it doesn't appear to be too drought stressed yet although the soil was bone dry. The homeowner's weedeater quit working so she was pulling up the grass along the fencelines and noticed it pulling up easily. The grass in the middle of the yard did not pull up like that along the edge. I am in southern IN and we did get a teeny bit of rain this week but overall it is dry here.
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    I have seen alot of ant damage in my area this year. Ants reach a level, that is so bad that the ground gets extremely lumpy (and hard from the stirring and wetting compaction). In some ares, there are lumps that become bare because of the lack of water uptake, and when you pull up, the turf pulls up rather easily, It s still rooted, but very weak from all the venting and digging just below the surface.

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