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    hi , i am looking at getting a turf ranger mower , i have some questions for you . is the 23 hp engine enough for us on the 60 inch deck with your MULCHING KIT ? also can larger tires be installed on this unit to increase ground speed or will it foul every thing up ?? i dont want to fly but if it could go 7.5 to 8.0 mph it would be better . also with the deck raised up how big of a curb will it climb ? one last thing what is the price of 23- 60 cut unit thanks for your help . jeff
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    Thanks for the questions. The 23 hp on a 60" deck? In all honesty I would suggest that you ask Rose at Bi-Lo Sales right there in Ocala. She knows more about your cutting conditions than I ever will.

    If you want my opinion however I would say for the most part the 23 will be enough, but there will be time when you will wish you had either more horsepower or less mower deck. If it were me I would consider the 23 on the 52". Like I said ask Rose she'll give you a honest and accurate answer based on her experience and that of the thousands of customers she's had over the years.

    I would not recommend adding larger tires. Not only will adding larger tires effect the way the deck performs but also it could shorten the life of the transaxle.

    Suggested commercial sale price on a Turf Ranger, 23 hp and a 60" deck is going to be around $7600. Talk to Rose and her staff, they won't steer you wrong.

    While your in there tell her hello from Bill at Exmark. It's a long running joke at my expense and she'll get a kick out of it.



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