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    Interesting that you bring up this topic...as I've spoken directly to David, the owner of Stinger, and expressed to him the need to build a ride on slit seeder along with a greater capacity than 40-50lbs grass seed. He didn't give me specifics, but alluded to the fact that it's in the works. He did sell Lawn Solutions...worked for Exmark under a non-compete agreement for a few years, helped design the ride on sprayer for Toro/Exmark, and them bolted to start Stinger. I own the Exmark slit seeder and Billy Goat hydro slit seeder. The Stinger slit seeder tops them both and the blades are cheaper to replace.
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    I've now watched all the videos for both the seeder and the 2400 dual hydro aerator. Both of these combined with the sulky attachment have changed the game for me.
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    Totally agree. He's rejuvenated with a focus on addressing the shortfalls/weak points of the top equipment manufacturers. I love my Billy Goat seeder...but the Stinger takes it to another level productivity wise, reliability, power, and overall cost of ownership. A reel replacement for both of my machines (Exmark & Billy Goat) was north of $350. You can't replace individual blades without replacing the entire reel. Stinger blades cost around $2 per blade, bigger, can be individually replaced, adjustable spacing, really well thought out. I'm selling both of my units to buy a Stinger hydroseeder.
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    Those are huge maintenance benefits. I saw one video where the machine had cut deep troughs in hard dirt so it looks like the power is there also. With the speed and the sulky attachment it looks you could make multiple passes and create a lot of disturbance for great seed/soil contact.
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    Our unit will do just under and acre per hour, riding, and can be used like a harley rake to move and level dirt. There is nothing like it.

    Yes, we are listening about the need for an even larger machine.

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    ive used this

    its genius.

    Im surprised I dont currently have one.

    Some sod clods have to be raked/sorted out if your removing health/existing turf.

    If your renovating sprase crappy turf "it all comes out in the wash"

    I dont know what you mean by "fluffing" the soil.

    I didnt notice any issues with fluffy soil.,
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    I think the fact that I can buy one sulky an aerator and a overseeder for less than a stand on aerator is a huge deal.
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    Not to mention the productivity and cost to maintain.
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    A demo unit has shown up at a local Site One. If it's not pouring down rain tomorrow, I'll look at the seeder. I talked to the Stinger people at the end of last week.
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    What's the MSRP on the 3600?

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