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    Hi, David here from Lawn Solutions Commercial Products, Inc.

    Just a reminder that seeding season is just around the corner and with a majority of the country in drought, sales have already started to explode for this fall. Since there hasn't been a new seeder on the market in almost 15 years, interest in this product has been explosive.

    Just a little about our 2-models which are currently available:
    6-hp Model - It has been designed for the rental market. It runs 2.0 mph with a variable speed hydro drive system. With just a 6-hp engine, it is more productive than any other walk-behind seeder on the market today. It is effortless to use and maneuvers up and around hills. This unit is currently quickly taking over the rental markets nationwide. If your local rental stores doesn't have it today, odds are they will in the next few months. Ask them.
    9-hp Model - This unit is unlike anything else on the market. It was designed specifically for the Turf Professional. It is fast, powerful, and most importantly extremely reliable. It has enough power to cut a groove in the ground 1.5" deep. This is excessive for seeding, but great for leveling out rough ground allowing it to double as a true power rake. You can break up unimproved ground and move dirt around with ease. We have tested this unit with most of the top lawn care companies nationwide. Most companies who has field tested the units are looking to purchased large quantities of them (25 - 200+ units each) starting in late July. The companies that have tested the 9-hp unit have seen a 50% or greater increase in productivity over their current machines. Their comments have been: not only is this unit much quicker in the open, in tight areas, turning, etc..., but it's also easy to use, allowing 1 person to run it all day. It's as easy as running a walk-behind mower.
    Again, if you are looking to purchase some of our units this fall, do not wait. Orders placed after July 7th may experience delays and backorders. Some of our current customers who have already purchased large quantities this spring are looking to purchase another 300 - 1000 units in July.

    For direct purchases, we take credit cards. We will also allow people to reserve a unit by putting 30% down which will give you a guaranteed delivery date later this fall. You can purchase units direct, or through our dealer network which is currently growing quickly.

    There is a new "Rental Video" available on our website. This video is used by our rental stores and focuses on the 6-hp model, but it shows how easy these these units are to maneuver. Some of the clips show the 9-hp model which is obvious by how quickly it maneuvers and the size of the tires and engine.

    Additionally, we have a few "DEMO" units available. Units have between 20-50 hrs on them. All are in excellent condition and picture are available upon request. These units won't last long.

    Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or your interested in one of the demo units.


    David Cook
    Lawn Solutions Commercial Products, Inc

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    What are the prices like? I just noticed your in Ky?
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    Give us a call and stop by our office. We have a few demo units left.

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