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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jaybird24, Jun 30, 2008.

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    I need a new powerseeder before fall and was looking to get another lesco. Now that JD owns them I'm concerned with what will happen with parts and such. Another dealer here sells the Lawn Solution Revitalizer, but no demo's. I've read the posts on them and they sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. My biggest concern is the lack of front weight to keep it in continuous contact with the ground. We have a lot of hilly yards, swales, and just plain tight areas. The lesco always worked great and I liked that it basically drove itself across slopes without hopping up. Do you find you need to pull up on the grips to keep the front down? Any other advice you want to give is appreciated as well.
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    With the Revitalizer, the machine is balanced and easier to use - no doubt, but do NOT let the lighter feeling front end fool you. At the business area of the machine, there is plenty of weight, but what is more so, the design of the cutting blades gives it a much sharper, smoother cut. Each disc has several cutting edges on it - giving it a cleaner, more precise cut with much less drag and resistance on the machine compared to the single knife type cutters of machines like the Lesco (MTD) that are choppier, using almost more of a percussion type strike to dig with. I equate the cutting of the Revitalizer blades to being closer to saw blades. These things cut easily through hard gravel surfaces, clay, hard pack surfaces, dense grass, and about any soil type surface (barring solid rock lol). What is really cool, is the revitalizer ability to pulverize areas where small hills and mounds are, due to the ease of use of simply squeezing a low resistance handle to shuffle the machine in reverse (much like a hydrostatic wb mower). The machine will shuffle back and forth with easy maneuverability breaking up clumps, hills, mounds and low spots, virtually leveling them - on the spot.

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