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    In december I bought a new construction home that included a fully sodded yard, irrigation, and landscaping. Turf-Scapes did the installation. They installed a small ash tree in the front yard and placed a mulch bed around it. They also installed a sprinkler ring around the tree along with a sprinkler head 18# from the tree. The tree is now dieing from over watering (the sprinkler head does not reach the top of the mulch). The guy came out and told me I placed the mulch bed too high and it is my fault the tree died( It is where they planted it). He also said the tree ring should be above the mulch. It is burried in the ground(where his workers placed it). The way his employees placed it. I placed about a 1/2 inch of mulch on the tree bed, and he is saying it is my fault because now the tree can't breath. I tried to tell him that the problem was too much water because they screwed up and placed the sprinkler head in the wrong spot, and planted the mulch bed too high.

    It is work like this and so called warranties like these that us "smaller guys" can be proud of the work we do and pride we have in the job after it is finished.

    And by the way never buy a home that the landscaping is provided do it yourself.
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    Yah, I wish that were possible. But it's not around here. I was in the market for a new home last year. We found lots of homes we liked in our price range - both new and a few years old. Every time I talked to a builder about the new homes I would tell them, "I own my own landscape and irrigation company. Can I get a home without the landscape or irrigation installed? I'd prefer to do that myself."

    Every single builder I talked to said, firmly, "NO!"

    So I continued, "Ok. Fine. Well, since your yards don't come stock with an irrigation system, will you allow me to install my own irrigation system BEFORE your contractors install the yard? That way I don't have to go re-trench up a new lawn after I move in?"

    Again, every single builder replied firmly, "NO!"

    They all told me it was take it or leave it. The homes are all sold with front landscaping finished and nothing in back. No other options allowed. No substitutions. No exceptions. Take it or leave it.

    So I left it. I decided, "Screw them" and just bought a house that was just a few years old instead of a newly built one.

    Unfortunately, around here, the economy is so good, houses are in such high demand, that builders can afford to have very little customer service. Houses are sold on THEIR TERMS.

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