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turf striping equipment


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I have been reading about turf striping. I was wondering what to use on the mower to do this and what mowers are better for this.

Eric ELM

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I don't use anything extra on my Choppers. They do sell a bracket with short chains hanging down that is supposed make it better yet. Can you imagine that (Lazer)? Back to your question, I have heard of putting like a rubber flap that hangs down and drags on the grass to help stripe it, sort of like on a 21 inch mower. Most mowers will stripe good if you do it right, so you shouldn't need any extras on your mower, either. Check out my article and lame virtual tour on striping which should answer any striping questions. <p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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It is my understanding to stripe grass like you might see on a putting green on tv, the greens have been cut on the same line or same <br>direction for 3-4 weeks. This &quot;BURNS IN &quot;<br>the direction on the grass to grow in. In stipping a yard you need to run straight lines, mow in the same tracks you mowed in the week before until you train the grass to grow in one direction. When the grass is trained it is easy to stripe. This practice is not good for the grass.Mowing in the same direction, even two different directions will<br>leave trenches in landscape.


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Hey Everyone,<p>I cannot remember the name of the mower but I do believe it is called Steiner. They have mounted a long roller that is approx. 4&quot; in diameter directly on to the deck of the mower. What this does is once the turf is cut the roller will push the grass back down giving the appearance of strips. All reel mowers in the golf industry have rollers situated at the back of the mower. The purpose is for a pivot point to adjust the height of the mower, to roll the grass after mowing which provides the stripping effect and to smooth the surface of the ground. If you would like to see this, just go to one of your local golf course and as to see one of thier fairway units. Take a good look at the reels and you will see what I mean. I'm new to the industry and know the importance to the customer on this stripping pattern for aesthetics. I am trying to prefab a roller to be mounted on a Walker to provide a better striping effect. Once you see this idea at the golf course and are interested it this approach go to a machine shop and they can make you a roller. There is one problem with this idea. Depending on the width of the mower, it may only work if you are on relatively flat surfaces.


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the question of striping the lawn has several variables. Eric has done a great deal of research on this. check out his website.<p>for me, my machine is a natural (lesco 48&quot; belt) for striping. I do nothing extra, just mow straight back and forth lines. results? beautiful! I cut my own grass at 45 degrees angle to the street and keep it as tall as my machine can cut. I alternate the direction every week. I agree with the comment that if the tires run in the same track week after week that the turf may gain a memory. I learned this the hard way many years ago after riding the old murray 11/36 in the same tracks.<p>now for striping a a baseball ball diamond...I don't know a thing about that. ballfield grass is kept real short, is a special blend and is probably rolled as well as cut with a special mower.<p>great question. good luck.<p>GEO


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My Walker does a great job of striping just by alternating direction on each pass. I can also make a checkerboard pattern which is nice for the slow days (LOL). My Toro Proline walkbehind has a Pro-slide which does a nice job of striping also.


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curlawngreen,<br>You're in Florida were you don't stripe like we do up north. Southern grasses like Burmuda and Zoysia are stiff and just spring back-up staright when mowed. Northern grasses are more relaxed and pull over slightly when mowed and create the striped.<p>As far as golf greens go, they are mowed in a different direction every day. The rollers on the greens mowers lawn the grass over slightly.<p>As far as ballfields go, they are mowed and then rolled. The infield is cut at 3/4&quot; and the ourfields are mowed at 1.5&quot;. They're rolled to deepen the stripe.<p>Of course if they're cut w/ Lazers, no rolling is needed. :)