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Turf Striping

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Are you going to get a ZTR or a Walk Behind? As Chuck said, using the search will find lots of info, 102 discussions, with one having 70 posts to it. I feel I have the best striping mower. If you ask someone else, they have the best striping mower. We each bought our brand of mower because we felt it was best, it's the only way we can justify buying mowers that are $9,000 or more. If you can't figure out which brand is right for you after reading all those posts, look at guys websites. Some, including me, have pictures of their lawns on their websites. Maybe that will give you an idea of which one to get. Welcome aboard Lawnsite, Winks. :D Click this for My Website :D


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
Wink, I just bought a Walker Mt-54 SD and I think it stripes very well. My customers really like the way their lawn looks when I'm finished. Before I got my Walker I used a 21" Toro Commerical WB and it striped very well also. My advice to you is to go and try out all of them. I asked about every mower made I believe and took some ribbing from some people at this site, but I'm glad I asked the questions. I feel I made the right choice, someone else may make a different choice. Don't be afraid to buy a side discharge deck either. Once you get the hang of cutting with it, it looks like you baged or mulched. Good Luck with your choice. Happy Cutting.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
Winks....The one thing you should do is try it before you buy it. Just like Eric said, your spending 9000 dollars, you don't want to regret buying it. I tried so many different ones I can't even remember how many!!! I even tried Dixie Chopper!!! :) It also helps to have someone around you who can service them, too me that is very important. I decided to go with the Exmark Laser, I have had great success with it and I have someone who can service it not to far away. Good luck with your search!


Gulf Shores, AL
I just bought a Hustler Hydro to add to my equipment. So far, it stripes the best even better than the Toro Z-Master. Demo all you can and then make your choice!