Turf Technicians and Maintenance Staff Needed- Bloomington MN

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    We are looking for 1-2 Turf Technicians and 1-2 Maintenance Staff personal. Our company is a small family owned business that has been here since 1978.

    Turf Technician
    -Be friendly and a team player
    -Must be able to pass applicators test or have valid applicators license
    -Experience is helpful but we are willing to train the right individual
    -Must be in good physical condition, be able to lift 75lbs regularly
    -Must have valid MN drivers license
    -MUST have a good driving record
    -Must be self motivated
    -Must be dependable, 40+hrs a week to be expected
    -Salary plus commission of ~$600/wk

    Maintenance Staff- Looking for a maintenance foreman and laborer
    -Foreman must have experience using various ZTR and WB's along with handhelds
    -Laborer not required to have any experience but will compensate if they do
    -Will be working around 4 days and roughly 1/2 commercial/residential
    -Foreman must have experience pulling a trailer- will be using a f350 and 16-18' trailer
    -Will be a 2-3 Man crew
    -Will be using 1-2 days a week for landscape installs (in addition to mowing)
    -Must do good work with GREAT customer service
    -Pay of $10-$14/ hr base on position and experience
    -Looking for people who are looking for a company who is continually growing
    -Must have or be able to get medial card (foreman)

    Possibly looking for someone who wants to be flexible and work a little bit of everything (Turf Tech, Maintenance, Installs) Would most likely be salaried

    Contact James @ 952-884-3663
    Email Me- Garrett@FertilawnMN.com

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