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    hey guys...

    looking for some help. i rented the turf teq power rake last week. this thing was awesome. does a lot of work quick. i am looking into just buying one because i really feel we could use it a lot.

    some of the problems with the 4 year old rental unit we used was swivel mechanism kept coming loose. we ended up having to steel wire it into place. everything i have read on line is from years ago. not much info on current models.

    does anyone know if they made the change to this design?

    anyone using this or something similiar? I have a tractor but want to stay away from 3 point attachments.

    thanks in advance:drinkup:
  2. Hineline

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    I had heard about problems with the machine in the past. You need to look them up online and find out if they addressed this problem. When I first found the machine last year it looked awesome. Five grand is a big price tag for something that needs wired together though. Did you use it as a rake? It can v-cut also I guess.
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    Can you provide me with the name of the rental yard so we can address getting that unit fixed properly?

    If it came loose and would just swing side to side, the gunsight may have broken off. On our older units you would need to replace the whole pivot arm, but for the last couple years we have updated it so now there is a bolt in gunsight. So, if that part shears you can just bolt in a new one instead of having to remove and rebuild that whole sub-assembly.

    We can't sell direct in your area as Precision Work Inc. is our distributor and covers the Northeast. Their phone# is (516)883-2002.

    If you have any more specific questions reply to this or give me a call at 866-503-8873 and ask for Dave. I'll be more than happy to help you.

    FIREMAN Q LawnSite Senior Member
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    bought the machine...well worth the money. we will be using it all the time.
  5. Turf Teq

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    Is this the machine that was wired together or did you get a new one?

    If its the one that needs repairs, give me a call and i'll gladly help you get fixed up.

    (866)503-8873 ask for Dave
  6. MV Property Care

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    what is the advantage of the dedicated edger versus the multi turf teq. I'm looking for something I can plow some tight drive thrus I have at a bank and a drive thru pharmacy. I live 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. Where is the closest dealership?
    Matt Vereb

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